scenes from aklatan 2013

When Ms. Nida told her cadre (posse? army?) of writers that in lieu of WIT (Writers in Talks, Visprint’s annual event), Visprint would help put up a function (nameless at the time) that would bring together some local publishers, I had no idea how massive the event was going to be.

When Aklatan (aklat = book, it’s the Filipino word for ‘library’) was formally announced via press releases and a Facebook event page, I still had no idea what to expect. I have not been inside The Tents in Alphaland Southgate Mall; I did not know that it could house 600 people. By the afternoon of Sept. 7, Ms. Nida told me that the register had recorded 800 attendees, and people are still lining up to sign up.

It was beautiful insanity. Everyone involved in the event looked like zombies.

Here were the publishers at this year’s Aklatan:


And here was the Aklatan host! We just had to take a picture with the beautiful Bebang Siy (It’s a Mens World):


(My shirt says ‘Different is Nice’ – very non-confrontational.)

I got a bit lost (it was a huge venue, and there was another function room) and nearly arrived late at my own book launch.

The Visprint table inside The Tents was busy, as always.


Launch inside the Balesin function room.



So here’s where I fail with my photos. I forgot to turn off the Macro function! Argh. Forgive the blurriness. Kunwari na lang Instagram filter. Hehe.


Books launched that day:


Ma’am, hindi nakikinig o. Haha!


Manix Abrera (Kikomachine Komix) attended my book launch, you guys. It’s my claim to fame.

Siege Malvar (Wakasang Wasak) brought a photobooth. We had our photos snapped before they folded up at lunch.


After signing some books (thank you thank you thank you devoted readers!), we headed back to The Tents. It’s the Contemporary Writers’ Panel with Carlo Vergara (ZsaZsa Zaturnnah), Eros Atalia (Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me), Ricky Lee (Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata), and Lourd De Veyra (Insectissimo!)





Fangirl moment with Carlo V.


Comic Book panel with Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldissimo (Trese), Paolo Fabregas (The Filipino Heroes League), and Manix.


Signed more books! Here’s Manix sitting down and thinking, Hay hindi na naman ako makakapag-lunch.


Went onstage myself for the Women Writers panel, with Prof. Jing Pantoja-Hidalgo (Catch A Falling Star), Nikki Alfar (Now, Then, and Elsewhen), Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta (Burning Houses), and Mayette Bayuga (Halinghing sa Hatinggabi).

Photo by Joel Salud
Photo by Joel Salud

Went back to Balesin to listen to Flipside Publishing’s eKlatan, which featured talks about the local ebook industry.

Anthony de Luna, Flipside CEO.


Adam David.



Forgot to take a picture of A.S. Santos (she’s seated in the previous photos) but I really enjoyed her talk (which started with a ghost story – I love ghost stories). Go grab a copy of her book, Voices in the Theater.

Here’s my humble Aklatan loot. Buy my books so I can buy more books, please. Hee.

Aklatan loot

Do join my Project 17 giveaway! Till next year. :)






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