mibf ’13 + readercon kick-off

The first Manila International Book Fair I was able to attend was in 2009, where I mistook Budjette Tan of Trese fame for a Visprint booth cashier. True story.

Then life happened, and I missed the Fair three years in a row.

I am happy to be back this year. In 2009, I have some published stories and poems under my belt, and bad eyesight. (Sorry, Budjette.) This year, I have a sci-fi novel and a short story collection published by Visprint.  I visited their table and saw my book there. How’s that for cyclical? How’s that for a happy ending?



Hoo yeah ang daming taoooo.

I got Allan Popa’s incredible collection of poems in English, Drone, from the Ateneo de Manila University Press boothand Paolo Fabregas’ The Filipino Heroes League from the Visprint table at the Precious Pages booth.


Later that afternoon we headed to Meeting Room No. 6 for the Readercon kick-off.


Honey de Peralta talked a bit about the Filipino Readercon’s history.


This year’s theme:


The new logo:


The Viewless Dark and A Bottle of Storm Clouds didn’t have enough votes to make the shortlist, but thanks to those who voted for my titles! Here’s the shortlist.

I will be participating in the 2013 Readercon as a speaker in Authors as Readers. I will…talk about something. I need to get my Powerpoint presentation ready. See you in November! (Hopefully with my Powerpoint!)

Happy Saturday, with an equally happy Sunday, as I went on a road trip with J, his mom, his nephew, and their family friend. From Parañaque to Alabang to Makati and back to Parañaque. Awesome lunch at Uncle Cheffy.


Thank you to books and to rain and to love.

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