Project 17 (eliza victoria) [visprint]

Jumper Cable reviews Project 17!

Jumper Cable

First disclaimer: I’m still on hiatus.

Things that blow me away out of the water have a chance of sometimes getting me out of temporary hiatus.

Immediate disclaimer: this is NOT komiks, but generally it’s found where Trese, Zsazsa Zaturnnah, and other Philippine fiction is lumped together in the bookstore.

Lillian just wants money for rent and Candy Stripe, so despite misgivings she agrees to be the babysitter for Caleb Dolores, who is 28 years old but with schizoaffective disorder. The money is good and the brother Paul is not a bad sort, so it’s all well and good. But in a Philippines (Bulacan and NCR) in the near future, where Sentrys are robots, and Big Pharma controls more things than they really should, Lillian and her ragtag barkada stumbles into a dark secret hidden by the brothers, which opens more and more, dangerous, life-hazardous secrets.

Eliza’s forte is giving…

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