ace water spa – del monte, quezon city

When my sister invited us to join her for hydrotherapy at Ace Water Spa, I wondered what she was smoking. One, I didn’t know such a spa existed and so I was naturally hesitant and suspicious, and two, I can’t swim, so how can that be relaxing?

But you know what, I enjoyed myself. There were three hot herbal pools – mint, jasmine, lavender, with temperatures from a really hot 38 deg C to a scalding 40, but there’s a nifty cold “neck tube” where you can rest your nape and – you know what, I want to go back there already.

Photo from Ace Water Spa’s official website.
See those metal tubes? Those are cold tubes you can hang on to so the hot pool won’t stress you out so much.

Hydrotherapy massage – is a kind of therapeutic massage that utilizes “Ultrasonic Jet System” that massages specific areas of the body with its aquatic jets strategically located to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles. This treatment is best done in heated water.

These one push-of-a-button equipments are categorized as soft, moderate and hard massages. Because of these, the customers are assured of the same consistent experience, unlike manual hand massages wherein every visit may be a different experience due to different factors. For example, a masseuse that offers hard massages may not be as strong as before because he is already tired.

Moreover, the massage systems, being “do-it-yourself” type, gives the customer the freedom to decide which water equipment to use and which part of his body needs more attention

Cameras were not allowed inside the place, so that solved my (tiny) issue with cumbersome poolside selfies, but unfortunately I can’t share any photos with you now except a bunch of before (swimming) photos.

Fee is PhP 550 per head for four hours. That’s a LOT of time already. You’d get sick of pushing buttons soon enough.

But I did have a relaxing time. Thanks, sister.

Ace Water Spa Quezon City:
399 Del Monte Avenue (near cor. Banaue St.) SFDM, Quezon City
Trunkline: (6 32) 367-8040 to 41 / 367-8061 to 62

3 thoughts on “ace water spa – del monte, quezon city”

  1. thanks for this review :) i am planning to treat my boyfriend and mom this vacation :) i thought that it would be “bitin” if its only good for 4 hours but i think based from your review 4 hours for 550 pesos is fine :) thanks!

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