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Inquirer Lifestyle features the editors of Maximum Volume (formerly, Volume 1), Dean Francis Alfar and Angelo Lacuesta.  Read on!

Alfar’s and Lacuesta’s big idea is a yearly selection of outstanding short stories, called “MAXIMUM VOLUME,” published by Anvil Publishing, Inc. The inaugural book, “MAXIMUM VOLUME: Best New Filipino Fiction 2014,” is due for release in February and, according to Alfar, is meant to “celebrate the best new Filipino fiction and encourage its writing.”

“Maximum Volume” features the following stories: “The Case of Two Husbands” by Heinz Lawrence Ang, “Posing” by Noelle Q. de Jesus, “The Other Woman Narrative” by Daryll Delgado, “Basta” by Glenn Diaz, “Journey Back to the Source” by Gino Dizon, “Man of Letters” by Marc Gaba, “Little Places” by Crystal Koo, “The Red Cup” by Francezca C. Kwe, “The Secret Adobo Wars” by Kate Osias, “My Life as a Bee” by Michelangelo Samson, “The Missing” by Eliza Victoria and “Cruising” by Isabel Yap.  All in all, the line-up of writers represents an intriguing mix of experience and promise, of talent and polish.  Alfar and Lacuesta speak of the selected stories with overwhelming pride and awe, with Alfar describing the writers as “luminous lights.”

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The article does not list all of the stories. Here’s the complete TOC:

My Life As A Bee by Michelangelo Samson

Exchange by Christine V. Lao

Posing by Noelle Q. de Jesus

Other Woman by Daryll Delgado

Cruising by Isabel Yap

The Secret Adobo Wars by Kate Osias

The Missing by Eliza Victoria

The Red Cup by Francezca C. Kwe

The Case of Two Husbands by Heinz Lawrence Ang

Man of Letters by Marc Gaba

Basta by Glenn Diaz

Little Places by Crystal Koo

Journey Back to the Source by Gino Dizon

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