victor ocampo on philippine science fiction

Speaking of firsts, prolific Speculative Fiction author Eliza Victoria published Project 17 in 2013, a fast-paced, social-media savvy near-future thriller about a care-giver caught in a great mystery. The story’s resolution leads to a chilling revelation about the true nature of who runs the world. This is perhaps the first modern Science Fiction novel published in the Philippines by a Filipino (Salgado’s Kidnapped by the Gods not withstanding). Speed Magazine (Dec, 2013) called Project 17 “a social commentary on so-called modern-day systems that aim to examine, dissect, and de-familiarize the day-to-day city dwelling of ordinary citizens.”

Filipino author Victor Ocampo writes about Philippine Science Fiction. Very interesting read.

Part 2 (where the excerpt above came from) is here (“A Short and Incomplete History of Philippine Science Fiction”).

Part 1 here (“Some Thoughts on Science Fiction in the Philippines”).

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