new poems in upcoming kritika kultura

Saturday night I saw that I have an email from poet and Kritika Kultura editor Mark Antony Cayanan. The email had words like “blind refereeing”, “unabashed affection”, and “We’re very eager to publish your work” with the word “very” italicized.

I’m going to have new poems in the literary section of the upcoming Kritika Kultura (Issue 23). KK is a refereed journal of literary, language and cultural studies, published by the Ateneo De Manila University. I cannot believe it. So happy and excited. Been a while since I wrote pieces I’m genuinely happy with, and a stranger’s “unabashed affection” sounds like good news indeed.

These are the poems I sent to them:

Morning (“She waved but the child”)

Morning (“She folds the sheets”)

Note to – (“The terrifying thing about this is”)

Note to – (“You will reach across the distance”)



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