new story: ‘glass jar’ on

Glass Jar

As of 7 AM, July 11.
As of 7 AM, July 11.


I am open to new ways of telling a story (the recent experiment being the comic book Mervin and I are working on), and lately I’ve been fooling around with Twine.

Here’s a new story I wrote, which you can view on, a site that hosts Twine stories and games for free (Twitter account required).

The story’s based on a nightmare I had a few nights back. (Ha! Take that, nightmare!)

Do check it out and tell me what you think. Some people have already read it and have messaged me — reviews are positive — thank you, folks!

 <<Glass Jar>>

PS If you want to create your own Twine interactive story or game, you can download the tool for free here. Read up on simple, straightforward instructions here. Happy writing!

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