Story Review: Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolff

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Eliza Victoria stops by the station to contribute a short story review. She is a Filipino author who authored the following books: Dwellers (2014), Project 17 (2013), Unseen Moon (2013), and A Bottle of Storm Clouds (2012). You may also have read her fiction and poetry in various publications, some of which are Daily Science Fiction, Stone Telling, Room Magazine, Story Quarterly, The Pedestal Magazine, High Chair, and the Philippine Speculative Fiction anthologies.

This review is also published in her blog. The station is happy to receive a contribution from a multi-awarded author. Thank you, Eliza.

The bullet is already in the brain; it won’t be outrun forever, or charmed to a halt. In the end it will do its work and leave the troubled skull behind, dragging its comet’s tail of memory and hope and talent and love into the marble hall of commerce. That can’t be helped.


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