read my story “fade” for free in this lontar #4 sample

What the tin said.


Print ($14.90 SGD)
Epigram Books

Ebook ($2.99 USD)
Weightless Books (DRM-free)

Read a sample for free!


  1. Forth Into the Light of Things | Jason Erik Lundberg (editorial)
  2. Fade | Eliza Victoria (fiction)
  3. A Century of Loneliness | Andrew Cheah (fiction)
  4. Childhood Dissertation | Jerrold Yam (poetry)
  5. curiosa :: oddities | Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé (poetry)
  6. Inside Thirty Hours | Joses Ho (poetry)
  7. Two Poems | Michael Gray (poetry)
  8. Kairos | Cyril Wong (poetry)
  9. The Tango | Kate Osias (fiction)
  10. No Other City | Ng Yi-Sheng (fiction)
  11. Yellow Card Man* | Paolo Bacigalupi (fiction)

* “Yellow Card Man” serves as a prelude to Bacigalupi’s celebrated debut novel The Windup Girl, and has now been updated and revised in this version so that it is consistent with the characters and events in that novel.

Click here for more information about LONTAR and this issue. Happy reading!

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