‘writer’s block’ on the galvanizers


This is a bit old (published in July gasp what old content), but I may have forgotten to share this here.

Isa Garcia of The Galvanizers asked me about writer’s block, and I said:

Charlie Jane Anders wrote a pretty good article over at io9 called “The 10 Types of Writers’ Block and How to Overcome Them“. I’ve always defined writer’s block as that period when you can’t write anything, but as Charlie illustrates, you can have writer’s block even while working on something. And how do you define “writing” in this context anyway? “Writing” as in the actual act, the sitting down to type and string words together?

In writing (and any other creative endeavor), the work that requires the most energy and brainpower is not the act of writing itself, but the planning phase. An idea often comes unbidden, and before you can execute this idea and turn it into a story, a poem, a painting, a song, you need hours and hours and HOURS of thinking.

Read more here.

Speaking of writer’s block, I am working on a new novel and hoboy it is like pulling teeth. I wrote the first 30 pages pretty easily and just ended up facing a blank wall.

I hope tomorrow (next week? next month?) will be another story.

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