singapore – day three and departure

Read about Day One here.

Read about Day Two here.

Our feet were killing us!

But we grinned and bore it as we proceeded with our last day in Singapore.

We had breakfast at the local branch of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf inside Bugis+. I love that they gave us a huge mug.


We checked out early so we could travel to Little India. We took the bus from St. Joseph’s Chapel to get to the Little India station.

Lunch at Apollo Banana Leaf. J remarked that the Indian food here tasted as good as the Indian food we get back home.


Haji Lane. To get to Haji Lane from Little India, hop on a bus that will stop at Parkview Square and walk. Every bus stop has a map, so finding the right bus won’t be that hard. You can also use this link to plot your way around.


It’s a narrow street with some cute shops.










Back to Changi Airport and then home.
We’ll be back Singapore. (Well, we’d better; thanks to my paranoia and over-budgeting I still have some Singaporean dollars left!)


While clearing Immigration, an airport personnel read the message on my shirt, “Everything has beauty.”

“It’s true,” she said. “Here you go, beautiful.”

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