on myBro

Before the move, I asked online what my friends use as their Internet Service Provider, and the answer, overwhelmingly, was PLDT. So J emailed PLDT to apply, and they replied soon enough to say that the address we gave them has a disconnected line, and they do not set up DSLs in residences with disconnected PLDT lines, and if we were new tenants we can show them a notarized Contract of Lease, and then we’ll see.


It’s too much work, so we looked for another ISP. JM recommended Smart Canopy, which I learned later is now called myBro Wireless Home Broadband. We’ve been using my Prepaid Smart Bro dongle (heh dongle), and the speed and signal are terrific, so it wouldn’t be disastrous to apply for postpaid. I applied online (I sent them a scanned copy of my passport), and they called literally just minutes after I finished applying. The girl who called me was from Quick Delivery (don’t be weirded out), Smart’s partner for myBro. They said someone will come by the next day to get the cashout (one month payment, currently on promo at PhP 499) and a photocopy of my passport. That’s all they asked, an ID. No Proof of Billing Address or ITR, but I’m not complaining.

Sure enough a rider from Quick Delivery dropped by my office the next day and handed me a receipt and got my payment, and the day after, a team from Smart installed the connection. We had to pay an additional 800 pesos for the wire, and we bought a router (DLink) for under PhP 2k. You may decide not to have a router and just connect directly to your laptop or PC, but we have phones and tablets. Lock-in period for myBro is 24 months.

So there! I do highly recommend them for the painless and fast installation, but please please please check first if the Smart signal is strong and steady in your area.