wicked weekends

Spent some time in Bulacan with my siblings. J and I thought we were going to spend the weekend with just my brother, then two of my siblings and my cousin decided at the last minute to come home. The house became less lonely.

It was J’s sister’s birthday. V is a vegetarian, and so we had some vegetarian dishes, and the spread was amazing. I wish I knew where the goodies came from.

Even the cakes were/looked fabulous.

We tagged along the next day to breakfast at Fresh in Solaire.

They served the best yogurt I have ever had in my life. Thick and filling, almost as heavy as cream. I loved it.

I would happily wash all of the dishes if you cooked for me. Thank goodness J is a good cook. Here he perfects his gravy.

Taco Tuesday!

That salsa had other uses.

As a dip for grilled cheese sandwiches!
As ingredients for — we’re still not sure what to call this. I thought it tasted like caldereta.

We had a nice Valentine’s Day dinner at Wooden Spoon, where everything tastes amazing. SERIOUSLY.

Look at kuya at the back, looking so happy for our love huhuhu.

J’s nephew wanted to drag us here. We really didn’t need to be dragged hehe. Project Pie, where you can create your own pizza for PhP 285. Apparently everything’s 285, no matter how many toppings you ordered.

J said their interior looked like the set of Rent.

I can see that.

Ooh, this is a highlight. We saw the matinee show of Wicked on Feb 23. We were seated all the way up in Balcony I Center, but we were able to buy these cheap binoculars for only PhP 75 each. They helped a lot! But in truth, the distance wasn’t that bad. J said we had good seats, right smack in the center of the balcony facing the stage.

We really enjoyed the show. Great set pieces. The last play I saw in the CCP Main Theater was Cinderella, starring Lea Salonga, and that was years ago (and my sister and I were in Balcony II)! I was astounded by the spectacle. Suzie Mathers as Glinda/Galinda is a standout and Jemma Rix nailed the musical’s showstopper “Defying Gravity”. The applause was thunderous. I wanted more more more, and I would love to see this again.

Photo below from the official program. Read more here and here. I wonder what the next big production is going to be. The Book of Mormon? Pretty please?

Some photos at the lobby while we waited for the doors to open.

zsa zsa zaturnnah: vack with a vengeance

Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Cultural Center of the Philippines. Starring Eula Valdez, Pinky Amador, Gabe Mercado, and Tuxqs Rutaquio.

I planned but was never able to catch this musical during its previous runs, so I was certainly happy to hear the news that it was going to be staged till March.

Front-row seats, bitches.

Look how close we were to the stage:

[taken during intermission; no copyright infringement intended]

Some comments:

– The sound system was wonky. It was hard to hear the lyrics of the solos,  and we were already on the front row. The chorus was fine, as well as the music, so I was wondering: was the music too loud, or were the soloists just not singing loudly enough? Sound during the spoken bits were okay too, though. Hm. It’s a shame, really. Perhaps they should just stage the musical in RCBC Plaza. I saw Avenue Q there last year, and I was able to hear every spoken/sung word onstage.

– The church scene is one of my favorite scenes from the comic book. I felt the crowd onstage wasn’t big enough in order to successfuly translate that scene.

– There were punch lines that got drowned by laughter incited by previous punch lines (usually ad-libbed by Gabe).

– The line,” Te, nagdamit ka pa“, didn’t make sense to me because Pinky Amador’s costume wasn’t sexy enough! There should be LESS! WAY LESS! (Lol, I think that’s just my personal taste showing.)

– Wilma Doesnt (who played Dina B.) looked lost, like she didn’t rehearse her movements. I caught her looking at her companions for leads several times.

Ang daming reklamo! :D But whatever, you should see this play. It will brighten your mood. There were moments when I couldn’t stop laughing.

– I enjoyed the performances. Gabe Mercado was high-larious, Pinky Amador and Tuxqs Rutaquio and “Aling Britney” were spot-on, and Eula Valdez – ganda mo teh! Ikaw na.

– I didn’t know Eula Valdez could sing. That was wonderful.

– I thought the Dodong-Ada confrontation scene was going to be cheesy, but it turned out cute.

– I love the audience. Someone said, “Girl, wag nang choosy!” during that scene hahaha!

The actors sat at a table to sign autographs after, but there was a crowd, so I just took pictures (with my cell phone).

“Flagganahng lumilipad na parang Frisbee!

stories galore

It’s true: gorgeous stories can save us from the atrocious heat. (I went home to Bulacan this weekend, and several rice fields had turned brown. Depressing. I’ve never seen anything like it in the twenty or so years I’ve lived in the province. At home I had one glass of halu-halo after another. Bless my parents.)

Up in the Air

Saw the film weeks ago. (Late review is late.) Watched it knowing absolutely nothing about the story. And what pay-off.

Julie & Julia

Great food, but Meryl Streep’s performance is exceptionally delicious. Amy Adams does loss and despair quite well. Oh those sad eyes.

According to the film, Julia Child (Streep’s character) didn’t even know how to boil an egg when she got married. So I can study this stuff? So I have hope? :D

Princess and the Frog

I watched this one with my siblings. How lovely (and clever) to set the story in New Orleans! Great music, and hello 2D glad to have you back. Lookin’ good. :)

Avenue Q

Exactly what I needed to start the week! Princeton (Felix Rivera) wonders what he can do “with a B.A. in English” and ends up renting a place on Avenue Q as he tries to figure out what to do with his life. Sesame Street on meth, y’all. (Seriously: puppet sex = day is made.) Frenchie Dy (Christmas Eve) at times finds it hard to maintain the Japanese accent, but I still enjoyed the performances. “Special” is one of my favorite songs on the soundtrack (I heard the songs first before seeing the musical – seeing it is waaaay better), and thank you Rachel Alejandro (Kate Monster/ Lucy T. Slut) for nailing it. Bravo! :D

Also starring Aiza Seguerra, Joel Trinidad, Calvin Millado, and Thea Tadiar. Showing at the Carlos Romulo Auditorium inside the RCBC Plaza.

Here’s a few photos with Felix Rivera and Lucy T. Slut’s boobies. :)

Later, dinner at Thai restaurant Oody’s and Cold Rock ice cream at Greenbelt. I loved Oody’s food. Flavorful, and inexpensive. I’d eat there again.