visprint’s 2014 book love promo now taking orders (free delivery!)

Order your favorite Visprint book and have it delivered to your Philippine address for free!

– Valid from 20 November 2014 to 15 December 2014 ONLY. No extensions.

– Free delivery anywhere* in the Philippines! No minimum purchase required!

– Email your order to Format should be:
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– Send us a copy of your validated deposit slip either through fax (63-2-8876691) or email ( Don’t forget to indicate your UTC and complete name. Orders with unverified payments will not be processed.

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*IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR PROVINCIAL CUSTOMERS: Before placing your orders, kindly check the serviceable areas and the nearest branch where you can pick-up your shipment. We will not be responsible for unclaimed items:

**Once we send your order, please make sure someone at your given address will receive your package. Visprint will NOT give refunds for shipments sent to incorrect addresses or unclaimed shipments.

Should you have any questions, please read our instructions/mechanics again :) Baka nandiyan lang din ang sagot :)

See complete list of Visprint titles and prices here and after the cut.

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stories from the filipino readercon 2014 / day 3 of the 5th PILFBIS

This year, the 4th Filipino Reader Conference coincided with the last day of the 5th Philippine International Literary Festival and Book Industry Summit (PILFBIS). I was fortunate enough to get a leave from the day job to attend several panels. (And even facilitate one!)

I had to leave early though to avoid the afternoon payday rush hour, and unfortunately missed the Filipino Readers Choice Awards. But let me share with you some photos.

The concurrent events were held at Hall B of the Bayanihan Center, venue of the Komikon.



I arrived bright and early, even before the plenary speech by Camille dela Rosa of the National Book Development Board (NBDB).


Visprint booth.




I headed straight to Visprint to grab all the new books that I could and have them signed. Caught Tepai Pascual sitting at the Meganon booth.


Paolo Chikiamco of Mythspace and Rocket Kapre opening the event.


Camille giving the plenary speech.



I stayed put in Hall B to attend the panel “From Reader to Writer”, facilitated by Mina Esguerra. (List of panels here, for reference.) Delighted that the writers wanted to explore mystery/crime and sci-fi in their next writing projects.


Program break, so I sat down for anyone interested to have their books signed.


Next up: a panel on diverse reading facilitated by Dean Alfar.



Still in Hall B, the Visprint book launches. You should have heard Manix Abrera’s hilarious introductions. (On Mervin: “Nung nakita ko yung art niya parang ayoko na mag-drowing.” On Tepai: “Ang yabang e, parang gusto lang sabihin sa akin, ‘Mas magaling ako sa’yo.'”)


After lunch and more book signing duties, I headed to Conference Room F for the Authors as Readers panel, featuring Edgar Calabia Samar and Rin Chupeco, where they shared their favorite books and authors.

Loved the small room and the cozy atmosphere. I hoped I did an adequate job as facilitator! I thought the panel was fun, and I would have loved another hour with these writers and the audience.


I also attended the panel, “Non-required Reading: The Rise of the Book Clubs”, facilitated by Gabi Francisco, whom I have mistaken for her twin sister, Tata. (Tata was a classmate of mine in a Creative Writing class back in UP. Both of them are now teachers at Regina Maria Montessori.) I’m so sorry, Gabi!

My loot.






Not from the event, but gifts from Charles Tan. Thank you!


My thanks as always to Ms. Nida and Visprint, Honey and the Readercon team, and Camille and Ciela of the NBDB. My deepest gratitude to the readers who bought our books and dropped by to say hi.

That was a Friday well spent.

visprint books at the 2014 mibf

These photos are from the Visprint Facebook page. Visprint books are sold at 10 % off at the Precious Pages booth (in front of the main stage) at the 2014 Manila International Book Fair. Come visit!

I’ll be there Saturday, 11-12 nn, for a book signing. See you.

usapang may-akda #1 at uno morato

uno morato 2
Photo from Princess F. L-R: Adam, Mervin, me.

I was so happy to finally get the chance to visit Uno Morato in Quezon City, and to be a part of a creators’ discussion to boot! The first Usapang May-Akda, hosted by Adam David, featured Mervin Malonzo and me. We are all readers of each other’s work, and this definitely elevated the quality of our discussion about our influences and process.

Let me share with you Adam’s questions:

1) Influences on your horror work – even non-horror influences (ie, Rizal as influence on TABI PO), even extra-literary influences (news, creepy pasta). Question on process: how do you prep for working on your work?

2) Eliza’s very urban horror VS Merv’s very rural horror – also modern VS traditional? – care to elaborate on the whys and wherefores of the two? Why choose one over the other? Question on subject: why do you write about what you write about?

3) The human body as site for potential acts of horror, rendered to it and rendered by it – body horror: the sexual implications of, the sexual assault subtext of, the sadomasochist dimensions of, the horrific act as release of sexual energy – consumption (TABI PO) and possession (DWELLERS) as an unwilling owning of another’s body, as objectification of the body, as rape. Still a question on subject: why do you write about what you write about?

4) Talk about upcoming work! Solo projects, collaborations.

I really loved the questions, and the questions that arose during the discussion itself. You may listen to Adam’s audio recording here (English/Filipino) or here (Mervin cleaned up the audio to make it clearer). Warning: Laughter, in-jokes, digressions.

Maraming salamat kay Adam at sa Uno Morato, at sa lahat ng dumalo at naki-chika sa amin. Sa uulitin!

Usapang May-Akda #1 - Uno Morato

Usapang May-Akda #1 - Uno Morato

Usapang May-Akda #1 - Uno Morato

Usapang May-Akda #1 - Uno Morato

Usapang May-Akda #1 - Uno Morato
Mervin’s mural on Uno Morato’s wall.

Usapang May-Akda #1 - Uno Morato

uno morato 1
Photo from Uno Morato on Facebook.

After the talk, the guys sat down to play Resistance. Do visit Uno Morato, read some books, have coffee, and play some games. I love the place.

Usapang May-Akda #1 - Uno Morato

project 17 is a finalist for the 33rd national book awards – best novel category

PROJECT 17 preview cover


I am happy to share with you all the wonderful (and completely surprising) news that my science fiction novel Project 17 is a finalist for the 33rd National Book Awards (Juan C. Laya Prize for Best Novel in a Foreign Language).

Congratulations to the other nominees, and thank you to Ms. Nida for sharing this with me!

You can see the full list here.

chasing tales and deadlines

What’s up, what’s new, what’s happening?

I’m afraid I won’t be able to update this blog as much as I used to, as I’d like to devote more brainspace to the exciting and challenging day job, as well as to writing more new things.

However, if you have time, I would like to invite you to Chasing Tales, an upcoming event by indie publisher MoarBooks, an “intimate, straight-up talk on fantasy in fiction and story-telling.”

RSVP here.

Flipside Publishing has also brought my books to Smashwords and Scribd, so do check these out:

The Viewless Dark —
Lower Myths —
A Bottle of Storm Clouds —
Project 17 —

Scribd has a $8.99/mo. unlimited reading subscription. You can try it for free for a month.

Finally, Project 17 and Unseen Moon are among the nominees in the 2014 Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards. Thank you! You can still nominate your favorites until August 18!

‘project 17’ released in digital format

Project 17 is now available in digital format on Amazon and Google Play. It will be available in other places soon.

Go get it!

It’s the late 2020s, and robots can do pretty much anything—they can clean your house, they can keep the peace, and if you know where to look, they can even provide “company” to the lonely. Still, there are things only humans can do. Lillian is a college student looking for a summer job, and thinks she’s hit the jackpot when offered a caretaking gig by one Paul Dolores—the pay is awesome, and even gives her a Titanium card for her meals. But why can’t she find any information online about Paul, his brother Caleb, or the weird meds Caleb is supposed to take? Time for a little more in-depth research—firewalls be damned.