and so

Riding on the high brought by having just seen Into The Woods in its entirety, I’m wishing everyone a very merry Christmas. I don’t know where you are, but here the night of December 24 is crucial. I’ll be home for the countdown to midnight. :)

This year’s coming to a close, the speed of everything surprising as always. Wishes for 2009: more songs, more stories (yesterday I received word from Free Press that they’re going to publish my short story next week, hooraaaay) (and I finally found the time to read Richard Price’s Clockers) – who would wish for sad times? But if they do come, I hope they’re not too destructive. I hope they’re malleable, and gentle – of the kind that can leave you with enough energy to turn them into something beautiful.

Here’s Part 1 of the Prologue of Into the Woods. Next: Once On This Island. :D Haha.

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