party! raffle prizes! salted eggs!

I still don’t know where the eggs came from.

eggs good for probably a year
eggs good for probably a year

Sir Chito (Libre Ed in Chief, party host): Maaari bang unahin na nating i-raffle ‘yung mga itlog na maalat? Para silang masamang panaginip. [Later] Wala nang itlog na maalat!

Inquirer Crowd: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *dancing and revelry*

Much good that did for me, I still came home empty-handed. Oo, kahit itlog na maalat di ko pa napanalunan.

But at least I got this, a shot that had to be taken since Kate and Ruthie were all glammed up:


More pictures at my Multiply, including the make-up session with Armin. :)

(First photo from Irene’s cam. [Or Fran’s]. Thanks! I was so overwhelmed by the eggs I failed to take a picture of them.)

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