research: we real cool.

So cool we had our Christmas party at noon yesterday with no parlor games whatsoever. We’re still in the process of attaining the EPA party’s level of coolness (they had an Adverb Charade – try acting out “uneasily”, or, better yet, “surreptitiously”, or better better yet, “felicitously”), which in my humble opinion is just off the charts.

party! um. party?
party! um. party?

I left the party with a box of chocolates, two kilos of rice (don’t ask), and a bottle of peppermint shower gel courtesy of Ate Cy (she also took the above photo). I’ll upload my own pictures at my Multiply page. :D (EDIT: Uploaded!)

* * *

Try typing on your browser. (Grabe na lang ang mga discoveries ni Lawrence.) Don’t forget the extra ‘o’. Very, very clever. :)

Even in his free time Lawrence is productive. No, no complaint there, or sarcasm. One time when my hands were free and everyone else was busy churning out write-ups, I sent out Fucklings. (That sentence was poorly/perversely constructed.) (Hey, two more words for the Adverb Charade!)

* * *

Merry Xmas, all. :)

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