‘party like it’s 1999’

It’s the end of the world and we’re still here, so I’m going to Bulacan for Christmas. Maybe The Hobbit tonight, maybe another poem tomorrow.

I might be offline until Tuesday night, but first, here are last night’s office shenanigans at the Hard Rock Cafe, starring the Mocha Girls.






Got Revlon Colorburst in Sugar Plum at the office exchange gift! It’s a great shade. Here be my big face:


Before I let you go, a couple of things:

Be with your loved ones this coming weekend. Take care!

pdi turns 27

And J and I went over last week to abuse the photobooth. Happy anniversary, Inquirer! Much love to your people. I will always be an Inquirer baby.










party people + flipside news

Blog backlog!

On June 25, my mother celebrated her birthday.

We had to cajole her to have this picture taken.

She thought it was really silly, blowing candles at her age.

Happy birthday Nanay!

Before that, Jaykie and I tried the The Burger Project in Maginhawa:

Check out this link for the menu and more photos.

Here, you can customize your burger. Choose the patty, choose the toppings, choose the bread.

I had beef patty in an oatmeal bun, with mozzarella cheese, sliced onions, and pickles smothered in special BRGR sauce (which I think is just mayo and ketchup – I’ll just skip it next time). Simple and boring haha.

This is Jaykie’s burger. He added mushrooms and jalapenos, and chose gruyere for his cheese.


On June 30, we went to the party of my boss’s children at the Rockwell Club.

Photo of a photo:

Flipside giveaway/Philippine Speculative Fiction 7 launch details/The Viewless Dark blurb


we’ve an impromptu giveaway for three (3) lucky commenters! In the comments section of this post, tell us which is your favorite cover (from PSF 1-5) and why. Take note, you can’t just identify a specific cover; you’ll have to explain what you like most about it. Feel free to wax poetic.

Cut-off date for leaving the comments is on July 9, 12NN, Philippine time.The three winners will be selected based on how much we loved the comment. And since we all have different standards for the word “love,” this means that your comment can be praising, funny, witty or even snarky (as long as it’s funny snark).

Winners will be announced on July 10, 2012. And what do they win? An ebook edition of any volume (winners’ choice) of Philippine Speculative Fiction! If you’re one of the winners, we’ll be contacting you to get your email address and the file format that you prefer.

So, let us know which PSF cover rocks your boat! But just in case you can’t wait for the announcement of the winners, then go ahead and grab a copy at AmazonFlipreadsKoboiTunes.

We’re also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FlipsidePublishing

PSF 7, edited by Kate and Alex Osias and to be digitally published by Flipside, will be launched on the last Saturday of the month.

Also, the latest volume of Philippine Speculative Fiction, Vol. 7, edited by Alex and Kate Osias will be launched on 28 July 2012, Saturday, 2PM at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Ortigas Park (along F. Ortigas Jr. [formally known as Emerald Avenue]) Shangri-La Plaza, EDSA. We hope to see you there, too!

My short novel, The Viewless Dark, will be available on June 11. Will post the cover once it’s available. But for now, here’s the book description.

The Viewless Dark
AUTHOR: Eliza Victoria

When Anthony found Flo dead, locked overnight in one of the reading rooms of the university library, he knew it must have had something to do with Mary. Mary Prestosa, fourth year graduating Philosophy student, whom they had been investigating. Mary, who surprised her roommate one night by suddenly standing up from her bed, throwing the windows open, and jumping down, headfirst, to the dormitory grounds below. Mary, whose memory marked the trail of mysterious deaths and bizarre occurrences that followed her own fateful fall: the fifth-year Computer Engineering student who prowled the campus on all fours, thirsty for blood, believing he was a wolf; the discovery of an all-girls’ satanic cult; the demonic possession of a fourth-year student from the Department of Psychology; and now—Flo, dead.

The students traced it all to Mary. They believed Mary didn’t commit suicide. They believed Mary tapped into something dark, and released it, and was consumed.

And Anthony was determined to pry out the truth.

month number 29 + a baby shower

Waited for J to finish his one class in UP. While waiting, I watched Awake and Red Dwarf on my Galaxy Tab, and tried in vain to look like I understood the Math long exams on the professors’ windows. Also used the faculty-members-only washroom on the second floor. How liberating.

Off to Trinoma for monthsary lunch. There was a crack on the wall so of course this picture had to be taken.

Fish & Co. First time to dine here! Had a raspberry drink and Grilled Seasonal Fish (Cream Dory) in Cajun sauce.

Cupcake froyo with mixed berries and almonds from Golden Spoon.

The baby shower was for J’s sister, who will be giving birth to a baby boy in April.

There were games! We won in Pinoy Henyo (of baby-related terms) and won two boxes of this:

We traveled South for the second leg of the baby shower, but oh my god, THE TRAFFIC WAS HORRIBLE. Horrible! We spent 4 1/2 hours on the road, more than enough time to take me back home to Bulacan. And we were just traveling from QC to Paranaque, a trip that should have taken just two hours at most!

Anyway. Still a happy day.

george’s 7th

I took some pictures with my phone but alas it just died on me.

These pictures were taken by J’s sister and George’s mom, VJ. The party was held at the North East Greenhills Clubhouse, headed by the deliciously named NEGA (North East Greenhills Association):

It’s weird/funny to see the letters around the neighborhood, like they’re taunting you. (NEGA! NEGA!)

It was a great party. Desserts!

These were delicious. (Understatement of the century.)


With the birthday celebrant.

With the other boy. Hehe. :)

hear ye, hear ye

Late post! But I’m sure you know by now that

The day has come!

Alternative Alamat“, our digital anthology of stories inspired by Philippine mythology, is now available for US$4.99 at the following fine establishments:

  • Amazon.com – US$4.99 (note there’s an extra US$2.00 charge for certain non-US territories/accounts, including, unfortunately, the Philippines)
  • Flipreads.com (epub file) – PHP235.00
  • [iTunes and Barnes & Noble/Nook editions to follow]

I hope that by now you’re all excited to get your hands on the book (or, rather, the hardware holding the file), and if so, thank you and what are you waiting for? If you’re still on the fence even after the preview of our contributor and story introductions, and our author interviews (Raissa, Mo, Eliza), then read on (or download the press release here)!

You heard the boss. Click here to see a glimpse of some of the non-fiction segments of the book, as well as the wonderful artwork of Mervin Malonzo, creator of “Tabi Po”.

What’s been happening? My maternal grandmother’s birthday on the 8th, my paternal grandmother’s birthday on the 11th. That was epic, because it was Lola’s 90th birthday (90th birthday!) and they had a reunion party with games and raffles and all. I brought Jaykie but knew and was able to introduce only at most five percent of my relatives there. (Fail!) It was nice to see the boyfriend mingling with family. Even family I didn’t know, haha.

On the 9th I visited the old office to see my friends.

Company Christmas party on the 14th. Theme was Famous Couples and I came in as Veronica with another officemate as Betty. But I don’t think anyone really understood I was supposed to be Veronica. At least Betty had a blonde wig.

Didn’t win anything at the raffle, as per usual. (One of the new girls won an iPad! Why can’t I be that lucky?)

Really looking forward to the holiday vacation so I can write, write, write, read, read, read.

halloween 2011

The success of a Halloween party is directly proportional to the amount of tears generated by the visiting children.

The company Halloween party, I must say, was very successful.

The Set-up:

The Preparation:

The Zombies/Other Characters:

The Children:

The Aftermath:

Yep. All in a day’s work.

Happy Halloween! :)