‘dwellers’ ebook now available for only 99 US cents/50 PH pesos


The ebook version of my novel Dwellers, published by Flipside Publishing, is now available on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Google Play and Flipreads for a special launch price of 99 US cents or roughly PhP 50. (Please note that those with Philippine addresses will see an additional two dollars in the final Amazon price.)

The paperback (published in 2014 by Visprint) is available in all major Philippine bookstores.

Happy reading and feel free to share this post!

Will Read for Feels’ ‘5 Filipino Speculative Fiction Authors to Watch’

Hands-down, one of our most prolific authors in the field is Eliza Victoria. Whether you crave science fiction, fantasy, or horror, Victoria has a story for you. She’s also written in a variety of formats, whether it’s short stories, novelettes, novella, poetry, and soon, comics. The only format that currently eludes her is the novel, but she has a large body of work to tide you over. It’s not just the sheer volume that makes Victoria stand out, but how consistent she delivers interesting and compelling stories.

Selected Bibliography:

A Bottle of Storm Clouds (Visprint/Flipside Publishing)
Project 17 (Visprint/Flipside Publishing)
Unseen Moon (Eliza Victoria)

From “Guest Post: 5 Filipino Speculative Fiction Authors to Watch” on Will Read for Feels. Thank you Charles Tan, Anne, Liana, and Marian! Please click through for more links and recommendations.

buy an ebook from flipside publishing and pay in cash

You want to buy that ebook online, but you don’t have a credit card or PayPal account.

No problem. You can pay for an ebook card in cash and download the ebook on your device by using the access code listed in the card. Simple and easy. These cards will be on sale TOMORROW at 2 pm at the launch of Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 9. I have a story in it!

Here’s a post from Flipside Acquisitions Editor David Ong.

ebook cards

So we’ve been trying out this new ‘model’ (if I may call it that) — selling ebooks via ebook cards. Here’s how they work: instead of paying via credit card, PayPal, etc, you can pay us in cash for the title you want, and we give you a corresponding card. Then, when you get home, you log in to your Flipreadsaccount (or make one if you don’t have one yet), go to the URL indicated on the card, enter the access code (also listed on the card), and voila! You may now download the ebook! (Yeah, I really want this to catch on, particularly since not a huge percentage of Filipinos have credit cards.)

While I’m at it, join us for the official book launch of Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 9 tomorrow at CBTL, Shangri-La, 2-4pm! We’ll have ebook cards for ALL volumes of PSF available for sale, though only in limited numbers!

flipside thanksgiving book bundle sale

For PhP 325, you can get a DRM-free EPUB book bundle of all three of my books published by Flipside Publishing: Lower Myths, The Viewless Dark, and the ebook version of A Bottle of Storm Clouds. Please share far and wide.  Until Dec. 1 only!

Check it! http://flipreads.com/bundles/eliza-bundle

Here’s a link to the other bundles: http://flipreads.com/bundles

pre-order the print copy of ‘unseen moon’ (until may 10 only)

Unseen Moon

Unseen Moon by Eliza Victoria
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
220 pages
Fiction / Horror / Suspense / Crime
Cover art and design by Biboy Royong

Ghosts in a mansion. A home invasion. A group of friends haunted by a murder. An unlikely friendship, a dead body in an abandoned house. A girl falling to her death, and another falling into the viewless darkness.

Unseen Moon collects five suspenseful stories by award-winning author Eliza Victoria.

Story excerpts, ebook link, and pre-order form after the cut.

Continue reading pre-order the print copy of ‘unseen moon’ (until may 10 only)

Just a quick post for some writing news. Over the weekend I have received proof copy of Issue 34 of Neon Literary Magazine – I have three poems in it! It will be available soon, both online and in UK stores.

And here’s a draft of the upcoming cover for the ebook edition of A Bottle of Storm Cloudsforthcoming from the folks at Flipside.