some love for ‘unseen moon’, ‘project 17’, ‘the viewless dark’, and ‘lower myths’

Here are new reviews for Unseen Moon and Project 17.

From Cassandra Javier (a review of the paperback, which contains The Viewless Dark):

A collection of Horror Stories from Eliza Victoria, a brilliant and undeniably good Filipina Author, Unseen Moon is something that every Horror/Mystery/Crime fan must read.

First in the collection is Needle Rain. A story of a barkada and how they try to uncover the mysteries of a murder that happened in their hometown. One of the most mysterious stories in the pack, this is a good way to build the tension and suspense that one should feel while reading the book. However, aside from being scary, there’s bit of sadness and surprise here, too. What’s good is that the author was really able to capture the old-skool Filipino neighborhood–she was able to build the feel and imagery that was needed.

And then comes my favorite story in the book: The Ghosts of Sinagtala. Oh, god, this is the perfect thing to read right now as the Holy Week is coming up soon, and aside from being “Holy”, we all know that it’s also the time when they say that bad spirits are all over the place. This (and I told the author about this) SERIOUSLY. CREEPED. ME. OUT. It’s not about monsters or the usual white ladies or whatever, but the kind of horror depicted in this story is so psychological that it would really rack your brain. (And I’m getting goosies again while writing this). Read it and you will know what I mean. It’s really something you’d have to put down and continue once the sun shines again (yeah I read it late, late at night and god my mind worked so bad) because it’s so scary. Watch out for rats.

Summer Evening, meanwhile, is brutal. You never know how twins’ minds’ work these days. You might be disturbed by this story and by the brutality, but all in all it was good. I like how different and creative the author can get.

A tale that will surely tug at your heartstrings without losing its mystery, December, is about an orphan named December, who makes friends with a boy named Gabriel. Together, they discover secrets and mysteries about a dead body in the lake, an abandoned mansion and the people around them.

Finally, there is the Viewless Dark. If you’re a student and are frequenting the library, you’ll be afraid. Okay seriously, this was one of the best. It’s about finding out about someone’s death and learning what you need to learn about that person. It’s scary, it’s suspenseful and it’s a work that’s just definitely top of the line. If you’re fond of trying to solve mysteries, this story is for you.

Give this book a chance because you will not regret it. And you know what? I think I’m going to re-read these stories sometime soon. They’re THAT good.

From Cathriona Lethal:

This is the second book by Eliza Victoria that I’ve read. The first one was Project 17. Whenever I read her stories I [think], “This author must have killed somebody to be able to write gripping tales like these.”

There are four short stories in this book. Reading the first, “Needle Rain”, is like watching true crime. I felt like I was praying hard as my windpipe hang on the second, “The Ghosts of Sinagtala”, and only after I reached the ending was I able to breathe – finally relieved. After reading the third, “Summer Evening”, I was convinced Miss Victoria must have really murdered somebody to be able to pull this story off, like she’s in a vengeance. And lastly, the final fresh-dead-cat present from the book, “December”, is just sick. Sick. I want to run from it, however, I was coaxed to go on…

From Tricia:

Ever since I’ve read Eliza Victoria‘s Unseen Moon, I became a fan. When the news broke that she published a new book last year, I really wanted to get a copy but I missed it during the book fair. Initially, I [didn’t] have any idea about Project 17, but I was so attracted [by] the book cover (cover and illustrations by Jap Mikel) and Victoria’s books are now an auto-buy for me, [that] I got a copy. I am glad I was able to grab one last Summer Komikon!

Let’s admit it, there are only a few science fiction books by our local authors in the Philippines—or maybe I’m just not that well-read when it comes to Filipiniana—and this is a good news that our local authors are now venturing and writing different genres (most of our local writers are into chick-lit and literary fiction).

Project 17 is set in the immediate to near future in the Philippines where robots are now among humans. Cellphones, no-hands, high-technology devices are part of being a human to survive. In this story, our protagonist, Lillian was hired as a babysitter for summer job by a man named Paul Dolores. Her duty is to look after his younger brother, a 28-year old guy suffering from a schizoaffective disorder named Caleb. The situation looks harmless and soon she accepted the job. Boring day after boring day, she starts being curious about the lives of these two brothers as well as Caleb’s medications that  are nonexistent online.

What I like about Project 17 is how Victoria created a world that is new and familiar at the same time. She didn’t dwell too much on being science fiction or on using epistaxis-inducing geeky high science/technology terms for a non-science-fiction-fan like me. It’s just on the right combination of science fiction, mixed with mystery and thrown in bits of humor. What piqued my interest is the mental disorder mentioned in the book. I really like books with health or mental disorders because I had close encounters with people with mental problems when I was a college nursing student. It was a memorable experience and I am forever interested and curious on such topics. Although the book only has few mentions about the mental case, the flow of the story didn’t disappoint. It was well-paced, although I found myself being impatient because it’s a thin book and there’s too much going on! But then, it was all right because things fell into places and I’m all ohhhs and ahhhs after connecting all the details. I like that the book gave off a feeling like I am a detective on [the] run chased by some big, unknown, all-seeing person ala Big Brother for discovering such information Lillian learned. I felt bits of paranoia and was on a look out for heavily-tinted cars that might, you know, kidnap me. Ha ha.

Here are reviews for two of my earlier releases, The Viewless Dark and Lower Myths, both available on Amazon, Flipreads, and other fine places.

Lower Myths: I’ve always loved Eliza Victoria’s works for having a strong Filipino feel. Some people might see the words “diwata” or “mambabarang” in these two stories and automatically classify them as fantasy works, but what really gives both titles an impact is a common emotion that is skillfully weaved into it: love of siblings, love of family. That is something any reader can relate to, and I find that these are what makes both memorable. They are supernatural stories to be sure, intriguing but also very touching for it features something that hits close to home for all of us.

The Viewless Dark: The story was creepy and hair raising at times, but still managed to be incredibly touching with the twist at the end. A fantastic mixture of the supernatural, tragedy, friendship and family all in one short story. I’d loved Eliza Victoria’s works ever since randomly picking up “A Bottle of Storm Clouds” and if there’s only one complaint I have about this author, it’s that her stories always leave me wanting more.

Thank you very much to readers who take the time to write their thoughts about my work. I love how most readers pick up one book of mine, and check out my other books. Returning customers! I must be doing something right.

Unseen Moon can be purchased on Smashwords and Amazon.

Project 17 is in all major Philippine bookstores. (And soon as an ebook! Watch out for that.)

The Viewless Dark is available on Amazon and other places.

Lower Myths is available on Amazon and other places.

Disclaimer: I don’t kill people, just cockroaches.

closing the print-on-demand store (for now)

Publishing via print-on-demand is tiring and expensive. You can’t really earn much as the margin for overhead is narrow — unless you want buyers to pay for a slim volume of stories with the price of the Codex. And it’s certainly not for the lazy, or the very very busy.

But I did it for readers who requested for physical copies of The Viewless Dark, and also to see a small number of my poems in print. There is narcissism involved, a fair bit of mania, and love, too. And you know what, I enjoyed every minute of it. It made the selling of my books more personal, more meaningful.

So thank you to those who ordered copies. The last copies were handed out in December 2013, during the Readercon, and now we’re closing the store.

However, Unseen Moon (a dark fiction collection containing three novelettes and one short story) can still be purchased online for your Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords for only $1, and soon Apocalypses will be available in online stores via Flipside Publishing.

I would love to see physical copies of these titles in bookstores, but I’ll probably have a publisher handle that for me, if only to drive down the cost per book. Or I can continue printing in small batches for special occasions. We’ll see.

flipside thanksgiving book bundle sale

For PhP 325, you can get a DRM-free EPUB book bundle of all three of my books published by Flipside Publishing: Lower Myths, The Viewless Dark, and the ebook version of A Bottle of Storm Clouds. Please share far and wide.  Until Dec. 1 only!

Check it!

Here’s a link to the other bundles:

filipino readercon kick-off event at the 2013 mibf

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Filipino Readercon – which is happening in November – will have a kick-off event at the 34th Manila International Book Fair – which is happening right now at the SMX Convention Center.


The kick-off event itself, including the announcement of the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards shortlist, will happen tomorrow, Sept. 14.

From the Readercon website:

September 14, 2013, 5:30-6:30PM

Meeting Room 6, SMX Convention Center
34th Manila International Book Fair

We will be announcing the program line-up for this year’s ReaderCon at the event, as well as other online activities that book bloggers and readers can participate in. We will also be unveiling the short listed titles for this year’s Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards, based on the voting that happened in the past two weeks. These shortlisted titles (3 per category) will be the contenders for the next stage (panel judging) and the winners will be announced on the 3rd Filipino ReaderCon on November 9 at the Rizal Library at the Ateneo de Manila University.

You’re all invited to attend the Filipino ReaderCon Kick-off! If If you’ve never been to any of the previous Filipino ReaderCons, then this is your chance to have a feel of the event. (Spoiler: It’ll be fun :D) Attendees may also join The Great Book Swap during the event, a face-to-face book swapping activity. :) (Yay free books!)

My books, The Viewless Dark and A Bottle of Storm Clouds, were both longlisted in the FRCA. Thank you to the readers who have nominated and voted for these titles. Let’s see if they’re lucky enough to end up on the shortlist. ;) Here once again is the list of nominees.

See you at the Book Fair tomorrow!

vote for your favorite books!

The Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards has closed its nomination window to make way for the public voting. Voting ends Sept. 6. My books are nominated; do consider voting if you enjoyed them.


Children’s Picture Book

  • Mga Saranggola sa Tag-ulan (Kites in the Rainby Eugene Evasco (story), Bernadette Solina-Wolf (LG&M Corporation)
  • Naaay! Taaay! by Kristine Canon and Vanessa Tamayo (Adarna)
  • Ang Alamat ng Palay by Virgilio S. Almario and Conrad Raquel (Adarna)
  • Maia’s Birthday Party by Yvette Fernandez and Nicole Lim (Adarna)
  • Anong Gupit Natin Ngayon? by Russell Molina and Hubert Fucio (Adarna)
  • Pag-abot ni Kolor sa Lungsod by Susan dela Rosa Aragaon (Adarna)
  • Si Ambongan by Lamberto Antonio and JB Dela Pena (Adarna)
  • Ipinaglihi sa Labanos (White as Radish) by Luis P. Gaitmaitan and Ray Sunga (Anvil)
  • Ninoy, Cory, and Noynoy by Yvette Fernandez (Dream Big Books)
  • Tabon Girl by Irene Carolina A. Sarmiento and Manix Abrera (Anvil)
  • Porcupirate Plans the Day by Robert Magnuson (OMF)
  • Ako’y Isang Mabuting Pilipino by Noel Cabangon, Becky Bravo and Jomike Tejado (Lampara Books)
  • Siya Ba Ang Inay Ko? by Segundo D. Matias, Jr. and Jomike Tejido (Lampara Books)
  • Alamat ng Rosas by Segundo D. Matias, Jr and Ghani Madueno (Lampara Books)
  • Rizalpabeto by Vim Nadera and Elmer Borlongan (Canvas)
  • Ang Mga Lambing Ni Lolo Ding by Michael Coroza and Maurice Risulmi (Adarna)
  • Alamat ng Puno ng nara by Segundo D. Matias, Jr and Ghani Madueno (Lampara)
  • Alamat ng Anay by Mikhail C. Jamisola and Rowin T. Agarao (Lampara)
  • Menggay’s Magical Chicken by Nikki Alfar and Frances Alcaraz (Lampara)
  • Guardians of Tradition by Mae Astrid and Rommel Joson (Adarna)
  • Bahay Kubo by Pergylene Acuna (Adarna)
  • How Rosang Taba Won A Race by Dean Francis Alfar and Ghani Madueno (Lampara)

Chick lit

  • Interim Goddess of Love (Interim Goddess of Love # 1) by Mina V. Esguerra (Bright Girl Books)
  • That Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra (Summit Books)
  • From This Day Forward by Marla Miniano (Summit Books)
  • Wander Girl by Tweet Sering (Flipside Publishing)
  • Home by Kat Santos (Flipside Publishing)

Novel in English

  • In My Mother’s House by Joni Cham (Central Books)
  • Voices in the Theater by A.S. Santos (Flipside Publishing)
  • Woman in a Frame by Raissa Rivera Falgui (Flipside Publishing)
  • The Viewless Dark by Eliza Victoria (Flipside Publishing)

  • Salingkit: A 1986 Novel by Cyan Abad-Jugo (Anvil)
  • Fish Hair Woman by Merlina Bobis (Anvil)
  • Agueda: A Ballad of Stone and Wind by Bampi Harper (UST Publishing)

Novel in Filipino

  • Love-Child by Bernadette (Chapters & Pages Corporation)
  • Ang Lihim ng San Esteban by Annette Flores Garcia and Nanoy Rafael (Adarna)
  • Once A Princess by Angel Bautista (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Extra Rice at Ikaw by Yna Paulina (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • If Only Love by Sofia (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Halina Sa Ating Bukas by Macario Pineda (Ateneo Press)
  • Si Crispin by Tony Perez (Anvil)
  • Love in Disguise by Heart Yngrid (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • An Encounter to Love by Victoria Amor (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • The Reality Show # 7: Seoul Searching by Angel Bautista (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Hot Intruder: Kenshin, The Chinky-Eyed Stranger by Victoria Amor (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Waves of Love by Grace Ayana (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Hot Intruder: The Forgetful Intruder by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • The Masked Man by Victoria Amor (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Wakapak (Ang Astig at Epal na Superhero) by Boy T. (Psicom)
  • Cupid’s Target by Gypsy Esguerra (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Ang Sumpa Mo, Neneng by Rose Tan (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Big Brother by Camilla (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: One True Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Everlasting Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Mad Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Three Words, Eight Letters, One Heart by Aya Meyers (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Ang Mga Love Dilemma ni Jane by Yna Paulina (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Traje de Boda Trilogy: Charo by Vanessa (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: A Very Special Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • A Blogger’s Love Story by Yna Paulina (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • A Night to Surrender by Mandie Lee (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Wildhorn # 6: Our Song by Maricar Dizon (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Crazy Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • A Quest to Your Heart by Victoria Amor (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Always Yours by Jessica Sison (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Destined Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Endless Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Undying Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Coron: Iisa Lang Ang Puso Ko by Martha Cecilia (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • My Sunset by Camilla (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Blue Nights by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Red by Vanessa (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Senorita: Honoria by Rose Tan (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Devon Fabriquier by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • And Then There Was You by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Sweet Sacrifice by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Kindred Spirits by Camilla (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Emily by Camilla (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Campus Girl: Dara, the Otaku Girl by Heart Yngrid (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Territorio delos Hombres Batch 6: Marcial Ortega by Vanessa (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • It’s Not That Complicated: Bakit Hindi pa Sasakupin ng mga Alien Ang Daigdig sa 2012 by Eros S. Atalia (Visprint)
  • Sa Kasunod ng 909 by Edgar Calabia Samar (UST Publishing House)

Comics / Graphic novels

  • Trese 5: Midnight Tribunal by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo (Visprint)
  • Gwapoman 2000: Ang Huling Baraha by Aaron Felizmenio (Frances Luna III Illustration Firm)
  • Skyworld Volume Two by Mervin Ignacio and Ian Santamaria (National Bookstore)
  • Pepe (The Lost Years of Rizal # 1) by Ron Mendoza and Arnold Renia Cruz (Precious Pages)
  • Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Sa Kalakhang Maynila by Carlo Vergara (Visprint)
  • Pilandokomiks: Ang Tatlong Sumpa  by Borg Sinaban (Adarna)
  • Hands of the Dragon Book 1: Rise of the Zodiac Circle by Jeffrey Marcelino Ong (Black Ink Comics / Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Vergil: The Warrior Angel by Arman Francisco and Elmer Cantada (Black Ink Comics / Precious Pages Corporation)
  • The Reaper by Nald Tabuzo and Vovoi Lim (Black Ink Comics / Precious Pages Corporation)
  • 3/12 by Manix Abrera (Flipside Publishing)
  • Kubori Kikiam: The Best Things In Life by Michael David (Flipside Publishing)
  • Tabi Po: Book 2  by Mervin Malonzo (Flipside Publishing)
  • Crime Fighting Call Center Agents # 3 by Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo (Kowtow Comics)
  • Tatsulok: A Vision of Dust # 1 by David Hontiveros and Xerx Javier (Self-published)
  • Skygypsies by John Raymond Bumanglag and Timothy James Dimacali (Summit Books)
  • Mona: Queen of the Babes by Dark Chapel (Independent)
  • Callous Comics: On Lighter Dreams by Carlo Jose San Juan (Independent)
  • Mythspace # 0 by Paolo Chikiamco and Koi Carreon (Rocket Kapre)
  • The Hotdog Prince by Francis Martelino (Komikult)
  • Black Ink Short Cuts: Fairy Tales # 1 by Ron Mendoza/Jeffrey Marcelino Ong/Nald Tabuzo (Black Ink Comics / Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Patintero Book 1 by Kai Castillo (Independent)
  • Karma: The Second Chapter by Columbia Kho (Oh! No Manga)

Short story anthology

  • A Bottle of Storm Clouds by Eliza Victoria (Visprint)

  • Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 7 by various authors, edited by Kate Osias (Kestrel DDM and Flipside Publishing)
  • Shades of Gray Vol. XV by various authors (De La Salle College of St. Benilde)
  • Under the Stacks by Saul Q Hofileña (DSH Publishing)
  • Pseudo.Absurdo.Kapritso.ULO (PAK U Journal) by Ronaldo Vivo Jr, Danell Arquero, Erwin Dayrit, Ronnel Vivo, Christian de Jesus (UngazPress)
  • Pektus: Mga Maikling Kuwento by Mark Erron San Mateo, et. al. (Independent)
  • Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang (Volume 2) by Severino O. Reyes, Christine S. Bellen, Rebecca T. Anonuevo and Felix Mago Miguel (Tahanan Books)

Essay anthology

  • Subversive Lives: A Family Memoir of the Marcos Years by Susan F. Quimpo & Nathan Gilbert Quimpo (Anvil)
  • Tibak Rising: Avtivism in the Days of Martial Law edited by Ferdinand C. Llanes (Anvil)
  • Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo by Ramon Bautista (PSICOM)
  • Lovestruck: Singles Edition by Ronald Molmisa (OMF)
  • Looking Back 6: Prehistoric Philippines by Ambeth Ocampo (Anvil)
  • Savor the Word: 10 Years of the DGF Food Writing Awards edited by Michaela Fenix, Maya Besa Roxas and Felice Sta. Maria (Anvil)
  • Positively Mental by Elvira Mata (Anvil)
  • It Only Hurts When I Pee by RJ Ledesma (Anvil)
  • My Filipino Connection:The Philippines in Hollywood by Ruben Nepales (Anvil)
  • Magnificat Mama Mary’s Pilgrim Sites edited by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard (Anvil)
  • Looking Back 5: Rizal’s Teeth, Bonifacio’s Bones by Ambeth Ocampo (Anvil)
  • Exposés: Investigative Reporting for Clean Government by Jarius Bondoc (Anvil)
  • The Queen Lives Alone: Personal Essays by Ronald Baytan (UP Press)


  • Alimpuyo sa Takipsilim by Roberto T. Anonuevo (Ateneo Press)
  • Isa Lang Ang Pangalan by Rebecca T. Anonuevo (UST Publishing)
  • Kung Nanaisin by Romulo Baquiran (UP Press)
  • Florante at Laura: Edisyong Tapat Kay Balagtas edited by Paolo Ven B. Paculan (Flipside Publishing)
  • Pictures as Poems and other (Re)visions by Marne L. Kilates (UST Publishing)
  • Lita: Poems on Women by the Cavite Young Writers Association (Balangay Books)
  • The Google Song and Other Rhymes for Our Times by Ed Maranan and Shan Jose (Anvil)

pre-order the print copy of ‘unseen moon’ (until may 10 only)

Unseen Moon

Unseen Moon by Eliza Victoria
6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
220 pages
Fiction / Horror / Suspense / Crime
Cover art and design by Biboy Royong

Ghosts in a mansion. A home invasion. A group of friends haunted by a murder. An unlikely friendship, a dead body in an abandoned house. A girl falling to her death, and another falling into the viewless darkness.

Unseen Moon collects five suspenseful stories by award-winning author Eliza Victoria.

Story excerpts, ebook link, and pre-order form after the cut.

Continue reading pre-order the print copy of ‘unseen moon’ (until may 10 only)

book sales

Back from the long weekend! I enjoyed staying at home but did not enjoy the heat. No, sir. I have heat rash on my face and arms. A bit annoyed also, because I’m having very little writing done due to work, planning a vacation with my siblings, cleaning the apartment, cooking my own lunch, and other things. I used to have so much writing stamina, but nowadays after work I just go home and watch TV or read a book. I need to save up and buy me some extra hours!

Anyway, this blog post is about book sales (wheeee) and I just want to say that I have received my first sales record from Visprint. I don’t expect much from my sales (Filipino authors, who go through literary life with no agents and no advances, often expect not to be paid, and get surprised when they do get paid a fair amount of money) , but I was happily surprised by the numbers: 507 copies of A Bottle of Storm Clouds sold from September 2012 to February 2013, with 30 copies sold at the book launch during the WIT event. It’s been sold in places in the country that I’ve never been, like Iloilo, GenSan, and the Mt. Cloud Bookshop (I know, yikes, I’ve never been to Baguio). This is why I still love traditional publishing: I can never sell 500 copies on my own (I think), and with such  reach.


If you’re one of those who bought a copy of the book, thank you! And thank you to Ms. Nida, Kyra, and Visprint.


My thanks also to Flipside Publishing for providing me with reports. For 2012, Lower Myths sold 13 copies, and The Viewless Dark sold 8. (I hear you snickering back there. It’s not a lot, I know, but I’ve received good reviews, and I’m grateful. But of course: do buy a copy?)

ApocalypsesI‘m happy to announce, has sold 23 copies so far. 


These numbers are small I know, but they’re not yours they are my own – charot. I’m just here to sell some books.


In the pipeline: the ebook version of A Bottle of Storm Clouds, a print version of The Viewless Dark as part of an anthologyand a science fiction novel.