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The Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards has closed its nomination window to make way for the public voting. Voting ends Sept. 6. My books are nominated; do consider voting if you enjoyed them.


Children’s Picture Book

  • Mga Saranggola sa Tag-ulan (Kites in the Rainby Eugene Evasco (story), Bernadette Solina-Wolf (LG&M Corporation)
  • Naaay! Taaay! by Kristine Canon and Vanessa Tamayo (Adarna)
  • Ang Alamat ng Palay by Virgilio S. Almario and Conrad Raquel (Adarna)
  • Maia’s Birthday Party by Yvette Fernandez and Nicole Lim (Adarna)
  • Anong Gupit Natin Ngayon? by Russell Molina and Hubert Fucio (Adarna)
  • Pag-abot ni Kolor sa Lungsod by Susan dela Rosa Aragaon (Adarna)
  • Si Ambongan by Lamberto Antonio and JB Dela Pena (Adarna)
  • Ipinaglihi sa Labanos (White as Radish) by Luis P. Gaitmaitan and Ray Sunga (Anvil)
  • Ninoy, Cory, and Noynoy by Yvette Fernandez (Dream Big Books)
  • Tabon Girl by Irene Carolina A. Sarmiento and Manix Abrera (Anvil)
  • Porcupirate Plans the Day by Robert Magnuson (OMF)
  • Ako’y Isang Mabuting Pilipino by Noel Cabangon, Becky Bravo and Jomike Tejado (Lampara Books)
  • Siya Ba Ang Inay Ko? by Segundo D. Matias, Jr. and Jomike Tejido (Lampara Books)
  • Alamat ng Rosas by Segundo D. Matias, Jr and Ghani Madueno (Lampara Books)
  • Rizalpabeto by Vim Nadera and Elmer Borlongan (Canvas)
  • Ang Mga Lambing Ni Lolo Ding by Michael Coroza and Maurice Risulmi (Adarna)
  • Alamat ng Puno ng nara by Segundo D. Matias, Jr and Ghani Madueno (Lampara)
  • Alamat ng Anay by Mikhail C. Jamisola and Rowin T. Agarao (Lampara)
  • Menggay’s Magical Chicken by Nikki Alfar and Frances Alcaraz (Lampara)
  • Guardians of Tradition by Mae Astrid and Rommel Joson (Adarna)
  • Bahay Kubo by Pergylene Acuna (Adarna)
  • How Rosang Taba Won A Race by Dean Francis Alfar and Ghani Madueno (Lampara)

Chick lit

  • Interim Goddess of Love (Interim Goddess of Love # 1) by Mina V. Esguerra (Bright Girl Books)
  • That Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra (Summit Books)
  • From This Day Forward by Marla Miniano (Summit Books)
  • Wander Girl by Tweet Sering (Flipside Publishing)
  • Home by Kat Santos (Flipside Publishing)

Novel in English

  • In My Mother’s House by Joni Cham (Central Books)
  • Voices in the Theater by A.S. Santos (Flipside Publishing)
  • Woman in a Frame by Raissa Rivera Falgui (Flipside Publishing)
  • The Viewless Dark by Eliza Victoria (Flipside Publishing)

  • Salingkit: A 1986 Novel by Cyan Abad-Jugo (Anvil)
  • Fish Hair Woman by Merlina Bobis (Anvil)
  • Agueda: A Ballad of Stone and Wind by Bampi Harper (UST Publishing)

Novel in Filipino

  • Love-Child by Bernadette (Chapters & Pages Corporation)
  • Ang Lihim ng San Esteban by Annette Flores Garcia and Nanoy Rafael (Adarna)
  • Once A Princess by Angel Bautista (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Extra Rice at Ikaw by Yna Paulina (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • If Only Love by Sofia (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Halina Sa Ating Bukas by Macario Pineda (Ateneo Press)
  • Si Crispin by Tony Perez (Anvil)
  • Love in Disguise by Heart Yngrid (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • An Encounter to Love by Victoria Amor (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • The Reality Show # 7: Seoul Searching by Angel Bautista (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Hot Intruder: Kenshin, The Chinky-Eyed Stranger by Victoria Amor (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Waves of Love by Grace Ayana (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Hot Intruder: The Forgetful Intruder by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • The Masked Man by Victoria Amor (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Wakapak (Ang Astig at Epal na Superhero) by Boy T. (Psicom)
  • Cupid’s Target by Gypsy Esguerra (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Ang Sumpa Mo, Neneng by Rose Tan (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Big Brother by Camilla (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: One True Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Everlasting Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Mad Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Three Words, Eight Letters, One Heart by Aya Meyers (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Ang Mga Love Dilemma ni Jane by Yna Paulina (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Traje de Boda Trilogy: Charo by Vanessa (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: A Very Special Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • A Blogger’s Love Story by Yna Paulina (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • A Night to Surrender by Mandie Lee (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Wildhorn # 6: Our Song by Maricar Dizon (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Crazy Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • A Quest to Your Heart by Victoria Amor (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Always Yours by Jessica Sison (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Destined Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Endless Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Villa Cattleya: Undying Love by Belle Feliz (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Coron: Iisa Lang Ang Puso Ko by Martha Cecilia (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • My Sunset by Camilla (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Blue Nights by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Red by Vanessa (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Senorita: Honoria by Rose Tan (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Devon Fabriquier by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • And Then There Was You by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Sweet Sacrifice by Sonia Francesca (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Kindred Spirits by Camilla (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Emily by Camilla (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Campus Girl: Dara, the Otaku Girl by Heart Yngrid (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Territorio delos Hombres Batch 6: Marcial Ortega by Vanessa (Precious Pages Corporation)
  • It’s Not That Complicated: Bakit Hindi pa Sasakupin ng mga Alien Ang Daigdig sa 2012 by Eros S. Atalia (Visprint)
  • Sa Kasunod ng 909 by Edgar Calabia Samar (UST Publishing House)

Comics / Graphic novels

  • Trese 5: Midnight Tribunal by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo (Visprint)
  • Gwapoman 2000: Ang Huling Baraha by Aaron Felizmenio (Frances Luna III Illustration Firm)
  • Skyworld Volume Two by Mervin Ignacio and Ian Santamaria (National Bookstore)
  • Pepe (The Lost Years of Rizal # 1) by Ron Mendoza and Arnold Renia Cruz (Precious Pages)
  • Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Sa Kalakhang Maynila by Carlo Vergara (Visprint)
  • Pilandokomiks: Ang Tatlong Sumpa  by Borg Sinaban (Adarna)
  • Hands of the Dragon Book 1: Rise of the Zodiac Circle by Jeffrey Marcelino Ong (Black Ink Comics / Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Vergil: The Warrior Angel by Arman Francisco and Elmer Cantada (Black Ink Comics / Precious Pages Corporation)
  • The Reaper by Nald Tabuzo and Vovoi Lim (Black Ink Comics / Precious Pages Corporation)
  • 3/12 by Manix Abrera (Flipside Publishing)
  • Kubori Kikiam: The Best Things In Life by Michael David (Flipside Publishing)
  • Tabi Po: Book 2  by Mervin Malonzo (Flipside Publishing)
  • Crime Fighting Call Center Agents # 3 by Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo (Kowtow Comics)
  • Tatsulok: A Vision of Dust # 1 by David Hontiveros and Xerx Javier (Self-published)
  • Skygypsies by John Raymond Bumanglag and Timothy James Dimacali (Summit Books)
  • Mona: Queen of the Babes by Dark Chapel (Independent)
  • Callous Comics: On Lighter Dreams by Carlo Jose San Juan (Independent)
  • Mythspace # 0 by Paolo Chikiamco and Koi Carreon (Rocket Kapre)
  • The Hotdog Prince by Francis Martelino (Komikult)
  • Black Ink Short Cuts: Fairy Tales # 1 by Ron Mendoza/Jeffrey Marcelino Ong/Nald Tabuzo (Black Ink Comics / Precious Pages Corporation)
  • Patintero Book 1 by Kai Castillo (Independent)
  • Karma: The Second Chapter by Columbia Kho (Oh! No Manga)

Short story anthology

  • A Bottle of Storm Clouds by Eliza Victoria (Visprint)

  • Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 7 by various authors, edited by Kate Osias (Kestrel DDM and Flipside Publishing)
  • Shades of Gray Vol. XV by various authors (De La Salle College of St. Benilde)
  • Under the Stacks by Saul Q Hofileña (DSH Publishing)
  • Pseudo.Absurdo.Kapritso.ULO (PAK U Journal) by Ronaldo Vivo Jr, Danell Arquero, Erwin Dayrit, Ronnel Vivo, Christian de Jesus (UngazPress)
  • Pektus: Mga Maikling Kuwento by Mark Erron San Mateo, et. al. (Independent)
  • Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang (Volume 2) by Severino O. Reyes, Christine S. Bellen, Rebecca T. Anonuevo and Felix Mago Miguel (Tahanan Books)

Essay anthology

  • Subversive Lives: A Family Memoir of the Marcos Years by Susan F. Quimpo & Nathan Gilbert Quimpo (Anvil)
  • Tibak Rising: Avtivism in the Days of Martial Law edited by Ferdinand C. Llanes (Anvil)
  • Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo by Ramon Bautista (PSICOM)
  • Lovestruck: Singles Edition by Ronald Molmisa (OMF)
  • Looking Back 6: Prehistoric Philippines by Ambeth Ocampo (Anvil)
  • Savor the Word: 10 Years of the DGF Food Writing Awards edited by Michaela Fenix, Maya Besa Roxas and Felice Sta. Maria (Anvil)
  • Positively Mental by Elvira Mata (Anvil)
  • It Only Hurts When I Pee by RJ Ledesma (Anvil)
  • My Filipino Connection:The Philippines in Hollywood by Ruben Nepales (Anvil)
  • Magnificat Mama Mary’s Pilgrim Sites edited by Cecilia Manguerra Brainard (Anvil)
  • Looking Back 5: Rizal’s Teeth, Bonifacio’s Bones by Ambeth Ocampo (Anvil)
  • Exposés: Investigative Reporting for Clean Government by Jarius Bondoc (Anvil)
  • The Queen Lives Alone: Personal Essays by Ronald Baytan (UP Press)


  • Alimpuyo sa Takipsilim by Roberto T. Anonuevo (Ateneo Press)
  • Isa Lang Ang Pangalan by Rebecca T. Anonuevo (UST Publishing)
  • Kung Nanaisin by Romulo Baquiran (UP Press)
  • Florante at Laura: Edisyong Tapat Kay Balagtas edited by Paolo Ven B. Paculan (Flipside Publishing)
  • Pictures as Poems and other (Re)visions by Marne L. Kilates (UST Publishing)
  • Lita: Poems on Women by the Cavite Young Writers Association (Balangay Books)
  • The Google Song and Other Rhymes for Our Times by Ed Maranan and Shan Jose (Anvil)

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