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unseen moon print


There are readers who are looking for/waiting for Unseen Moon and Apocalypses in the bookstores. (I know because they told me.) Just to clarify: both books are published POD (Print on Demand). Meaning, if you don’t demand, we won’t print. No matter how long we wait in NBS or the other bookstores, the books sadly won’t appear out of thin air and settle on the bookshelves. Because you need to tell me first that you want a copy.

So demand away! Details here, or you may email me at victoriaeliza [at] gmail [dot] com to order a copy and to get the payment details. It’s going to be either through bank deposit or via PayPal. I don’t do meet-ups because I have a day job and a million things to do at home (like, wash clothes), but if I’m going to an event, and you’re going to the same event, then let’s do it.

For those who have already bought copies, thank you very much! Do leave a review in your website of choice (Goodreads, Amazon, your own blog, this blog); it helps in creating mileage for these titles, especially since they won’t be sitting inside bookstores.

Ah, yes; the wonderful world of self-publishing.

PS Both books are available as ebooks, if you want a copy now now now. 

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