‘apocalypses’ now available on the amazon kindle store

The Kindle edition of my poetry chapbook, Apocalypses, is now available. My thanks to the hardworking people of Flipside Publishing, and to Adam David for the cover. Take note that this is a fixed-layout format.

Do check it and/or share the link, and watch out for more announcements as the collection becomes available in other stores.

Here’s the description on Amazon:

Apocalypses collects poems by Eliza Victoria, ranging from observations of the tragedies and banalities of everyday life, to reimaginings of biblical stories. Many of these previously appeared in Victoria’s Palanca Award-winning collections “Maps” (2011) and “Reportage” (2009), as well as in various other publications, including High Chair, Kritika Kultura, Room Magazine, The Pedestal Magazine, and Stone Telling.

MOBI: This digital edition is in a fixed-layout .mobi format, and is best viewed with Kindle for Android, or on Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD devices.

closing the print-on-demand store (for now)

Publishing via print-on-demand is tiring and expensive. You can’t really earn much as the margin for overhead is narrow — unless you want buyers to pay for a slim volume of stories with the price of the Codex. And it’s certainly not for the lazy, or the very very busy.

But I did it for readers who requested for physical copies of The Viewless Dark, and also to see a small number of my poems in print. There is narcissism involved, a fair bit of mania, and love, too. And you know what, I enjoyed every minute of it. It made the selling of my books more personal, more meaningful.

So thank you to those who ordered copies. The last copies were handed out in December 2013, during the Readercon, and now we’re closing the store.

However, Unseen Moon (a dark fiction collection containing three novelettes and one short story) can still be purchased online for your Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords for only $1, and soon Apocalypses will be available in online stores via Flipside Publishing.

I would love to see physical copies of these titles in bookstores, but I’ll probably have a publisher handle that for me, if only to drive down the cost per book. Or I can continue printing in small batches for special occasions. We’ll see.

on print on demand

unseen moon print


There are readers who are looking for/waiting for Unseen Moon and Apocalypses in the bookstores. (I know because they told me.) Just to clarify: both books are published POD (Print on Demand). Meaning, if you don’t demand, we won’t print. No matter how long we wait in NBS or the other bookstores, the books sadly won’t appear out of thin air and settle on the bookshelves. Because you need to tell me first that you want a copy.

So demand away! Details here, or you may email me at victoriaeliza [at] gmail [dot] com to order a copy and to get the payment details. It’s going to be either through bank deposit or via PayPal. I don’t do meet-ups because I have a day job and a million things to do at home (like, wash clothes), but if I’m going to an event, and you’re going to the same event, then let’s do it.

For those who have already bought copies, thank you very much! Do leave a review in your website of choice (Goodreads, Amazon, your own blog, this blog); it helps in creating mileage for these titles, especially since they won’t be sitting inside bookstores.

Ah, yes; the wonderful world of self-publishing.

PS Both books are available as ebooks, if you want a copy now now now. 

two things!

One: Unseen Moon is available on Smashwords for only $0.99.

Two: My poetry collection, Apocalypses, can now be read online as a DRM-free PDF or Text file for only $0.99 on Scribd.

Both are still available in print – just contact me.

Thanks for looking!

book sales

Back from the long weekend! I enjoyed staying at home but did not enjoy the heat. No, sir. I have heat rash on my face and arms. A bit annoyed also, because I’m having very little writing done due to work, planning a vacation with my siblings, cleaning the apartment, cooking my own lunch, and other things. I used to have so much writing stamina, but nowadays after work I just go home and watch TV or read a book. I need to save up and buy me some extra hours!

Anyway, this blog post is about book sales (wheeee) and I just want to say that I have received my first sales record from Visprint. I don’t expect much from my sales (Filipino authors, who go through literary life with no agents and no advances, often expect not to be paid, and get surprised when they do get paid a fair amount of money) , but I was happily surprised by the numbers: 507 copies of A Bottle of Storm Clouds sold from September 2012 to February 2013, with 30 copies sold at the book launch during the WIT event. It’s been sold in places in the country that I’ve never been, like Iloilo, GenSan, and the Mt. Cloud Bookshop (I know, yikes, I’ve never been to Baguio). This is why I still love traditional publishing: I can never sell 500 copies on my own (I think), and with such  reach.


If you’re one of those who bought a copy of the book, thank you! And thank you to Ms. Nida, Kyra, and Visprint.


My thanks also to Flipside Publishing for providing me with reports. For 2012, Lower Myths sold 13 copies, and The Viewless Dark sold 8. (I hear you snickering back there. It’s not a lot, I know, but I’ve received good reviews, and I’m grateful. But of course: do buy a copy?)

ApocalypsesI‘m happy to announce, has sold 23 copies so far. 


These numbers are small I know, but they’re not yours they are my own – charot. I’m just here to sell some books.


In the pipeline: the ebook version of A Bottle of Storm Clouds, a print version of The Viewless Dark as part of an anthologyand a science fiction novel.


I’m going on vacation! Be back Tuesday.

In the meantime, if you’ve been thinking of buying my poetry chapbook Apocalypses but would like to see the first few pages first, you may visit this page and download a short sample. Email me if it piques your curiosity.

Shipping of orders will resume next week. Till then!