apocalypses – ordering update

First of all: thank you to the people who have ordered copies of the book’s Philippine Edition, and please check your emails. :)


I took pre-orders of the book until Feb. 27 (so I could hop over to Ortigas and pick them up on my VL – come on guys, I had to go on leave for this haha!), and marketed the book online so much that I felt like throwing up, but apparently there were those who missed my posts and would very much love to have a copy. This is good news! Bad news is I don’t have any copies left to sign. All of the copies I have have been reserved.

Here are the solutions:

  1. Email me – victoriaeliza [at] gmail [dot] com – if you want to order, and I will ask Books on Demand Philippines to print you a copy and ship it directly to you. Pro: You’ll get a copy of the book hot off the presses! Con: I won’t be able to sign it beforehand.
  2. Books on Demand Philippines will print you a copy and ship it to me. I’ll sign it, package it, and I’ll ship it to you. Pro: I will be able to sign it beforehand. Con: You will need to shoulder the double shipping fees, which can amount to more than PhP 100. Note: Each copy costs PhP 200.

Either way, if you’re interested, just email me and let’s see what we can do. Thanks for looking!

What to expect if you get the book from me:

1) The copy of Apocalypses.


2) A pair of minicards shipped from London, printed by Moo UK (Note: I only have a hundred of these.)

Moo UK minicards

Moo UK

Moo UK front and back

3) Sealed with Hey Kessy washi tape:

Washi by Hey Kessy

It is also available on Amazon, Amazon Europe, and CreateSpace.

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