‘apocalypses’ now available on the amazon kindle store

The Kindle edition of my poetry chapbook, Apocalypses, is now available. My thanks to the hardworking people of Flipside Publishing, and to Adam David for the cover. Take note that this is a fixed-layout format.

Do check it and/or share the link, and watch out for more announcements as the collection becomes available in other stores.

Here’s the description on Amazon:

Apocalypses collects poems by Eliza Victoria, ranging from observations of the tragedies and banalities of everyday life, to reimaginings of biblical stories. Many of these previously appeared in Victoria’s Palanca Award-winning collections “Maps” (2011) and “Reportage” (2009), as well as in various other publications, including High Chair, Kritika Kultura, Room Magazine, The Pedestal Magazine, and Stone Telling.

MOBI: This digital edition is in a fixed-layout .mobi format, and is best viewed with Kindle for Android, or on Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD devices.

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