closing the print-on-demand store (for now)

Publishing via print-on-demand is tiring and expensive. You can’t really earn much as the margin for overhead is narrow — unless you want buyers to pay for a slim volume of stories with the price of the Codex. And it’s certainly not for the lazy, or the very very busy.

But I did it for readers who requested for physical copies of The Viewless Dark, and also to see a small number of my poems in print. There is narcissism involved, a fair bit of mania, and love, too. And you know what, I enjoyed every minute of it. It made the selling of my books more personal, more meaningful.

So thank you to those who ordered copies. The last copies were handed out in December 2013, during the Readercon, and now we’re closing the store.

However, Unseen Moon (a dark fiction collection containing three novelettes and one short story) can still be purchased online for your Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords for only $1, and soon Apocalypses will be available in online stores via Flipside Publishing.

I would love to see physical copies of these titles in bookstores, but I’ll probably have a publisher handle that for me, if only to drive down the cost per book. Or I can continue printing in small batches for special occasions. We’ll see.

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