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Flipreads, the ebook store of Flipside Publishing, which published my books Lower Myths and The Viewless Dark, will be participating in Read an eBook Week (March 3-9). Several books are on sale. The Viewless Dark is available for only PhP 79 (down from PhP 121). Do grab a copy now! Full list below:

So how is everyone today? Last week, J found a recipe for Garlic Fried Chicken and White Gravy, so we tried doing that, and it wasn’t very successful. Heh. The gravy was lumpy (we didn’t have a whisk!), and the fried chicken got burnt. It was still a pretty tasty meal though:


white gravy, brown rice, garlic fried chicken, sauteed spinach

J was apologetic but I was just glad I wasn’t eating something out of a can. (And he was successful in the next attempt! Too bad I wasn’t there to take a photo.)

In quick beauty/kaartehan news, I bought myself my first BB cream. Stick. BB cream stick.


This is Radiance. If you’re fair-skinned, pick up Fresh. Maybelline’s Clear Smooth BB Stick (PhP 249) blends well and leaves a powder finish, but I’m not sure if this is cruelty-free. What BB cream/stick do you use?

We checked out the book bargain bins, and I got this book for PhP 115.


And Flipside Publishing editors talk about their picks for 2012. Editor Kristine Reynaldo (with her pretty glasses) picks The Viewless Dark and says it made her cry. Watch the video at the source.

catherine batac walder reviews ‘the viewless dark’

Originally posted on the Goodreads page of The Viewless Dark:

I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading this, or maybe I did, being familiar with Eliza’s penchant for pleasant surprises. I usually have trouble finishing a story these days but this just kept me reading as soon as I started. As a reader, you are taken on a viewless adventure. You won’t see what’s coming. Eliza Victoria is one kick-ass, readable poet. That is the best compliment I could think of about her prose. The clarity of her writing makes the reader immediately imagine the scenery and immerse herself in the story. The flashbacks didn’t bog down the story, in fact, it just flowed and you hardly notice they were there at all.

This is the kind of book you hesitate to read if you know what some of the themes are earlier on as they make you question things such as personal happiness – even if you’re quite happy and content with your life you begin to ask, is this enough, am I doing enough for others, etc. There’s the question, and the attempt to answer, the mystery of life, and death, but that’s just one area. I wouldn’t really recommend it for reading when you’re feeling depressed. But for the excellent writing alone, I highly recommend this book.

Thank you Catherine! For more information about the book, click here.

one more page reviews lower myths, the viewless dark, storm clouds

Well, if this ain’t the best way to cap off my week: Tina Matanguihan of One More Page reviews my three books.

Lower Myths is a good starter for Eliza’s works, if you’re into quick, fantasy reads with a local flavor. Of course, it could also be too short for you, but that’s why you’d end up looking for her other works just to satisfy that craving. :)

A Bottle of Storm Clouds is one of those books that you can’t help but keep on reading but you also don’t want to end just yet. I tried not to read this book too fast because I wanted to savor each story. There’s something interesting and entirely different in each story — some of them were creepy, most of them sad, but all had really good fantasy elements that stretched my imagination wider than it did before. :) I liked how Eliza hinged most of the stories with real human experiences like grief and sadness, family and friendship and love and even selfishness and life crisis.

The Viewless Dark…even if I read this in broad daylight, I still felt creeped out every now and then with the story. I liked how the story unfolded from the death of Flo and into flashbacks that pointed just to how exactly Flo ended up that way to what happened to Anthony’s family. I liked how vivid the setting was and how sufficiently creepy the “possession” they set up, until the final twist in the end which undid everything I thought I knew. And then Eliza wraps it up in a different way, giving it a poignant, almost hopeful ending.

Read the full post here.

visit the new flipreads!


From their email:

Flipreads gets a make-over!

More powerful and user-friendly

Last year, on 11/11/11, we launched the country’s first operational ebookstore, Flipreads.com. In the months since, we have been providing ebook retail and distribution service through Flipreads, continually testing our platform and looking for ways to serve our clients and ebook providers better.

Today, 12/12/12, we are happy to announce the brand spanking new Flipreads.com! We didn’t just try to make it look prettier; we also added features more useful to buyers. Some of these features are:

  • A more powerful search function
  • The use of a shopping cart
  • A record of your downloaded ebooks
  • A new payment gateway, Payeasy
  • Integration with Readmill for the iPad

Download an ebook or two now. I have some books available there. Enjoy!

my books on ilovebooks

Hello, hello. My ebooks are now also on ilovebooks.com, “an electronic bookshop stocking over 300,000 ebook titles in over 50 categories. It allows book lovers to purchase their favorite e-books and read them anywhere, anytime on their devices. The store is owned by MediaCorp, Singapore’s most diverse multimedia company with interests in TV, newspapers, radio, magazines and new media”, according to Kristine Reynaldo‘s lovely email.

Buy a copy!
In other silly news, I got dragged to the shoot for the company AVP. I played…a corporate officer!
Oh god I hope they won’t show the video in the cinemas.
Happy long weekend! :)

It’s Cyber Monday! (Well, in the States, it’s Tuesday here.) Check out these books on sale by Flipside Publishing.

Do consider buying:

The Viewless Dark by Eliza Victoria | $0.99 (PhP 40.59) Amazon | iTunes | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Flipreads

Visprint will deliver books anywhere in the Philippines for free – till Dec. 10. Read more here.

Do consider buying:

A Bottle of Storm Clouds by Eliza Victoria | PhP 220

We’ve seen the Lights & Sound show at the Ayala Triangle. Drop by if you have the time.

Lights and Sound Show
Nov. 16 – Dec. 30
Watch the lights come to life in Ayala Triangle Gardens every 30 minutes from 6:00 to 9:00 PM

And I bought some new books. Again. (The KJ Parker title I split with J.)

Now reading: Prince of Thornsto be followed by Gone Girl.