So how is everyone today? Last week, J found a recipe for Garlic Fried Chicken and White Gravy, so we tried doing that, and it wasn’t very successful. Heh. The gravy was lumpy (we didn’t have a whisk!), and the fried chicken got burnt. It was still a pretty tasty meal though:

white gravy, brown rice, garlic fried chicken, sauteed spinach

J was apologetic but I was just glad I wasn’t eating something out of a can. (And he was successful in the next attempt! Too bad I wasn’t there to take a photo.)

In quick beauty/kaartehan news, I bought myself my first BB cream. Stick. BB cream stick.


This is Radiance. If you’re fair-skinned, pick up Fresh. Maybelline’s Clear Smooth BB Stick (PhP 249) blends well and leaves a powder finish, but I’m not sure if this is cruelty-free. What BB cream/stick do you use?

We checked out the book bargain bins, and I got this book for PhP 115.


And Flipside Publishing editors talk about their picks for 2012. Editor Kristine Reynaldo (with her pretty glasses) picks The Viewless Dark and says it made her cry. Watch the video at the source.

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