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Some quick updates and recos:

what do readers want invitationv3

My name (and my likeness?) is on the poster! Very cool. My book is also featured in this LED Billboard ad that will be flashing along Katipunan in a few days!

Click here to pre-register for the Filipino Readercon, happening at the Rizal Library in ADMU on Nov. 9 (Saturday). Choose what panel you’d like to attend. Most of the panels are happening simultaneously, so get ready to bilocate.

Photo: "What Do Readers Want?" program, as of 18 Oct 2013.

Bring/buy a copy of my book and I’ll hand you one of these cards. :) You can use it as a bookmark.


This set of cards from Moo UK has several designs, but this is my favorite.

Also got this in the mail recently. I couldn’t find The Shining Girls in the bookstores or on Amazon Kindle, so I ordered a paperback from the Book Depository. If you have not heard of Lauren Beukes, do check out her earlier novels, Zoo City and Moxyland.


I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Aromateria‘s solid perfumes. Each scent, packaged in a  travel-friendly tube and priced at PhP 250, is named after a fictional character or author. My reader heart is happy.

Aromateria Solid Perfume Scents

I got Ender and Austen. Ender (stargazer lilies, sage, and white musk) is heady and earthy, while Austen (English tea rose, lavender, and patchouli) is fresh and bright, like a person who has just stepped out of the shower. Go to Aromateria’s site to order online, or find out what stores to visit to get a whiff of these babies. I seriously love them. (And I want more. Of course I do.)


We also found time to visit the Legaspi Sunday Market. Last time I had a roast turkey meal, and J grabbed himself some wagyu shawarma.

Legaspi Sunday Market

As well as this ginger ale. Yummeh.

Ginger Ale

J and I were just in Resorts World – Newport Mall, which held a weekend bazaar. Look at the cute earrings I found! I especially love the ampersand pair.

New earrings

And my sister shared this with me – a review of my novel, Project 17, in UST’s student publication, The Flame. Thank you Alvin Laqui!

downloadI have recently re-watched The Shining and Vanilla Sky, and watched Rosemary’s Baby. Halloween! And the nights and early mornings are now colder. (And by “colder” I mean not-30 degrees Celsius.) I love this season.

vmv hypoallergenics

I had no idea VMV Hypoallergenics was founded by a Filipino, not to mention a Filipino I had actually met (Dr. Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell [VMV, of course] who has a clinic in Makati Medical Center), until a colleague mentioned it. I always thought VMV was an American brand! Shame, shame.

Anyway, this got me curious, so I ordered a small item on their online store. Delivery costs PhP 150. If I have time, I’ll drop by their store in Rockwell.

I love the packaging. Clean and simple.

VMV Hypoallergenics

VMV product & samples

I got the Skintangible “Faint”ation Skin-Refining Non-Makeup SPF 30 (Purse-Proportioned Edition) (whew! haba ng pangalan).

Our crazy popular BBBB (BB But Better!) Cream in a new purse-proportioned edition! Ultra-light + natural-looking: a uniquely “I-can’t-put-my-finger-on-it-but-wow-your-skin-looks-sublime” finish. One shade, all skin tones. Antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-acne, anti-inflammatory benefits. Purely mineral SPF 30 sun + light protection, too. Skintriguing.

Validated Hypoallergenic:

VH -76/76. 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free. 100% Dye-Phthalate-Paraben + Preservative-Free. Non-Comedogenic. Non-Drying. Non-Darkening. Usage + Patch-Tested. All Skin Types.

It comes in an environment-friendly glue-less box that folds out beautifully.


I have used it and I am in love with it! It’s sticky upon application but dries down in minutes. It gives a dewy, bright finish without the shimmer, much like an illuminating powder. I just noticed the glow when I went to the washroom in the office and looked at myself in the mirror. It’s a fun surprise.

VMV is an expensive brand (this 12g bottle costs PhP 600) but I think it will work wonders.I think I’ll keep using this one.

Three samples are free for each purchase. I got:

  • Armada Face Cover 45
  • Grandma Minnie’s Mommycoddling All-Over Lotion
  • Creammmy-Rich Intensive Moisture Milk for Dry Skin

The moisture milk sample comes with a spatula! So cute.


I’ve already used it. I may have used too much because my face and neck got pretty sticky, but my skin remained supple even after staying for more than eight hours in an air-conditioned office.


UPDATE FROM 2016: Beauty trailblazer Sephora Online is now live, and you can also buy your favorite VMV Hypoallergenics products from them. You can get 10% off your first online purchase if you sign up to their newsletter. Purchases worth PhP1,300 and above entitle you to free delivery. Click through: http://www.sephora.ph/brands/vmv-hypoallergenics

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: The Sephora link is sponsored. Opinions about the VMV products expressed here are my own.

st. ives and skincare


I really was supposed to only get ingredients for sopas at Shopwise that one night, but I ended up at the personal care aisles and went a bit St. Ives crazy. Forgive the cluttered mess at the back of this supposed product shot. Let’s get some better ones off the net.

My first St. Ives product is their Mineral Therapy Moisturizing Body Wash. Months ago I was at Rustan’s looking for this

but can’t find it (Aveeno‘s great as a shaving cream as well) so got St. Ives instead.

I love Mineral Therapy. It’s no-nonsense with a subtle scent. When I run out, I’ll try the Nourishing Vanilla variant, which I hope won’t cause an eczema attack.

Speaking of eczema, my skin (specifically the skin on my legs) can get extremely dry and itchy. (This is why I need Aveeno when I shave.) I saw “Heals Dry, Cracked Skin” and picked up St. Ives Intensive Healing Lotion with Cranberry Seed & Grape Seed Oil.

I’ve used it, and it leaves a cool, clean feel. Not greasy at all.

I got this Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub only because the packaging is cute, but fortunately it turned out to be a good buy as well.

I’m also using Hyalure Facial Wash, which is a good, gentle product with a creamy consistency, almost like shampoo, as well as Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream. I really want to get a full size jar – I got a sample from Beauty Bar – as it’s highly effective in keeping my face moisturized, but it costs more than a thousand pesos, and I don’t have that money yet. (Not for night cream anyway.)

I’ve also used Shiseido. Same thing – very effective, but too expensive for me.

What do you use for your skincare routine? What products would you recommend? I’m looking at Kiehl’s and VMV (already ordered samples) and Human Nature.

the big 5-0, zalora loot, and home cooking adventures

My father recently celebrated his 50th birthday. I don’t have photos of my mother’s birthday because the rains were crazy and floodwater entered the house, so I decided to come home a week later. I think this made me daughter non grata for a short while haha. But there was water inside the house!

Anyway. Here’s a giant cake from Conti’s.



My father is very happy he’s 50. “Kaya pa 1/4th! (25 years),” he told me. Hehe.

Ze Zalora loot! I received a text from them saying I am eligible to a 20 percent discount for my next purchase. I couldn’t resist.


I got:

Original Carmex Jar

Bare Naturals Mineral All Over Glow – Precious

Bare Naturals Vitamin Stix – Definite Lips

Charm Retractable Kabuki (Pink)

Wet n Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Catwalk Pink

This is my first time to use Bare Naturals and Wet n Wild. I haven’t cracked open the All Over Glow, but I’m loving their tinted lip balm, which is very pigmented. I also love Mega Glo. I’ve been looking for a good illuminating powder, but I find Guerlain’s Météorites too expensive. I think Mega Glo is a good place to start for me. (I would have just stuck with the All Over Glow, but it’s a loose powder, and I need something travel-friendly.)

And this is my first kabuki brush! I love it. Look how cute it is.


And of course, the kitchen adventure continues. Here’s some microwave bread pudding, and beef burgers with a side of cucumbers.



20130704_193420Okay, the burgers in the photo above were a mess because I couldn’t cut garlic and onion properly. The pieces were too large!

This is a better set, thanks to J.


Something to look out for: My story, “The Missing”, will be appearing in VOLUME One, an anthology of stories edited by Dean Alfar and Sarge Lacuesta. Launch will be in September.

The volume will be edited by Dean Francis Alfar and Angelo R. Lacuesta. Volume 1 will be the first book in an anthology series that will showcase fiction by Filipino writers, age 45 and under, selected without regard for boundaries or genres.

Hope you can get a copy. I am proud of this story, and I can’t wait to share it with readers.

Here’s the (still unedited) opening paragraphs:

The Missing

There were only six of them in the group, but several times during the trip in Thailand, Harold would think that they were missing one person. During dinner he would catch himself saying, Let’s wait for – and then realize that there was no one left to wait for, as he counted his seated friends already digging into grilled fish and steamed rice at the sidewalk stall. One two three four five six. Inside Platinum Mall, as they made their way through hordes of fellow tourists buying scarves and cheap shoes, the sudden bursts of Filipino words (Mahal, Ang ganda o, Tawaran mo pa) causing both confusion and delight, one of his friends said, Meet you downstairs at closing time?, and Harold very nearly said, Okay, but we should tell –

One two three four five six.

There was no one to tell, but Harold felt the uneasiness nestling in his bones, the same disquiet that invaded him whenever he left his rundown Makati apartment in a rush: Did I leave the light on? Did I lock the gate properly? Did I unplug the computer?

Am I forgetting someone?

End of excerpt. Eliza Victoria © 2013

Hi! Just squeezing in a blog post before

Hi! Just squeezing in a blog post before the rain falls again.

I bought more Nyx SLMC! I love Milan, a “mid-toned blue-toned pink“, the quieter sister of my Addis Ababa tube. This is probably more wearable in the office.


I also bought San Paulo, plummy-pink, a pink that sits between these two shades, but I haven’t swatched it yet. Here are some nice swatches on Shen’s Addiction.

Oh wait, here you go:

I ended up on Taste Central again and got a bar of Trader Joe’s PB & J Milk Chocolate Bar. It’s a chocolate bar with creamy peanut butter and raspberry jelly filling. This is the best, and doesn’t feel very heavy. Just don’t eat everything in one sitting. (I did and I’m very sorry.) It sells at PhP 75.


I bought some gifts for my mother at the Beauty Bar, and got these little samples for free. I do love the Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream. It leaves my skin feeling supple and soft. I might just get that when I run out of night creams.

I have used Cure twice already, but I can’t vouch for the exfoliation effects just yet.



I also saw some tins of Steam Cream at the store, but I controlled myself. Yay? Here’s the Vain Jane gushing about it.

Author and editor Carrie Cuinn has compiled a list of 90-plus authors of Asian descent, with links to their websites and a free sample story. I’m delighted to find my name, and the names of authors I admire, in this list. Click the link and discover some tales!

Meanwhile: The rains are here. Have a green tea cupcake and coffee, dear.


nyx soft matte lip cream

I don’t own a matte lipstick. The closest would be my Snoe Rouge Deluxe in Vintage Rose, which has a semi-matte finish. I also suffer from perpetually dry lips, so I just stay away from them, no matter how gorgeous MAC Ruby Woo looks. I’m not even sure I can apply a matte lipstick properly.

I was browsing Digital Traincase last week when I saw this product on sale: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream.

Neither lipstick nor lip gloss—this is matte lip cream. A new kind of pout paint that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing. Available in 13 lip colors.

• What it is: Highly pigmented, matte lip cream

• What it does: Creates various matte lip looks

• Why we love it: Delightfully creamy and lightweight, our award winning line just expanded with two captivating new shades.

• How to use: Apply directly to lips, or over lipstick. Apply with lip liner to define outline of lips.

Sold! That solved my problem with application and dryness.

I ordered Addis Ababa (described by Nyx as bright fuchsia) and Amsterdam (pure red). Great packaging for a tube that costs PhP 280 each.



I immediately swiped on Amsterdam. They weren’t kidding about pigmentation – I was so shocked by the red on my lips that I wiped some color away on a piece of tissue.

Stealth office shot! This is one (very light) coat of Amsterdam.

It looks brighter in person.

It’s such a pretty shade, and I’m now in love with matte finishes. I will definitely buy more of these matte lip creams. (And maybe the Ruby Woo?)

I’m also loving Addis Ababa. Look how the shade makes my teeth appear whiter than they really are.


If you’d like to order, do contact Digital Traincase. Ordering from them was a breeze.

Digital Traincase Makeup Boutique & Studio

Email: sales@digitaltraincase.com

Phone: 0917.565.0265/02.9642144

Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/digitaltraincase

Follow us on instagram: www.instagram.com/dgtaltraincase

Follow us on twitter: www.twitter.com/dgtaltraincase

my bdj box: april

I wasn’t exactly jumping up and down when I unboxed BDJ’s March box, but this April box is a different matter.

For one, they fulfilled my wish for a facial mist and a summery scent!

April BDJ Box

I really think the March box was a fluke. The stickers are back with better resolution.

And look at the full-sized products!

April BDJ Box

April BDJ Box

Each BDJ box costs PhP 480. The cumulative amount of items in this month’s box once again exceeds the cost of the box. Full-sized items are underlined:

Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion (PhP 419, 300ml bottle) – I have an oil cleanser, and its nice to have a cleanser that feels more like water.

Garnier Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Mask (PhP 89 per pack)

Avon Anew 360° White Day Cream (PhP 799, 30ml) – Can be a bit sticky, but it gets absorbed by the skin after a while. Softens.

Celeteque Hydrolized Moisturizing Mist (PhP 349, 120 ml) – My favorite item in this box. This is heaven-sent in this horrid heat. I spray some before I prep my face for work, and before I go to bed. It is very refreshing.

Avon SSS Glutathione Lotion with Marula (PhP 350, 250 ml)

Revlon Nail Art (PhP 375) – Some subscribers got neon nail colors, which made me cringe because that’s hard to wear at the office; thank God BDJ sent me a dark green shade.

Selena Gomez Eau de Parfum

Goody Slide-Proof Pins and Elastics (PhP 449.75)

Bonus: Candi Nail Polish Remover Wipes (PhP 65 for 30 pads)

Vouchers: BelleToday Personalized weight loss coaching with Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, Bioessence Premium Pass, Goody 20% off coupon

This is my last box for now (I subscribed for three months) because I need to save money for a trip in May. I might re-subscribe near the end of the year; it’s been a fun experience, despite the meh-ness of the March L’Oreal box.

And I have a lot of great skin care products now! (Disclaimer to the beauty industry: Guys, I just want good skin, not necessarily white skin. Most of BDJ’s April products are whitening products. Come on, how about some morena love?)

Subscribe if you are interested.