my bdj box: march

My February box.

I completely forgot about my own subscription. When the delivery guy came to the office I actually said: “What’s that? Is that really for me? I didn’t order anything!”

The March box is a L’Oreal exclusive box.




What’s inside?

Fall Repair Hair Shampoo (PhP 110, 180ml) and the Fall Repair Hair Conditioner (PhP 119, 180ml)

UV Perfect BB Max (PhP 99.17 5ml sample; PhP 595 for 30ml) and the Youth Code Prodigious Rejuvenating Pre-Essence (PhP 249.17 5 ml sample; PhP 1495 for 30ml).

UV Perfect Longlasting UV Protector, PhP545

Shine Caresse (PhP 595 for 6ml) in 804 Faye

Color Riche Le Nail Art (PhP 395)

Though the box’s contents’ total cost once again exceeded the PhP 480 subscription fee, I wasn’t as happy with this as I was with the February box. I wanted to see brands I wouldn’t normally pick up from the store (Shiseido! Fucking expensive!), and I can easily grab the L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner from Shopwise. I was glad to see the BB Max, the Pre-Essence, and the UV Protector, but I would have wanted a different shade for Shine Caresse (Faye is an orange shade and makes my teeth look yellow), and the Nail Art, though playful, seemed like a random inclusion.

If the box is for summer, why not include a facial mist? A summery perfume or cologne?

The stickers looked grainy and cheap. Did BDJ use a different printer? Ran out of ink?


Oh well, at least I still got some products I could use. And BDJ still appears to be the best of all available subscription boxes out there. On to the next.

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