my bdj box: february

I first heard about the BDJ Box online from Carina. I resisted at first, but I thought: well, instead of buying cosmetics every now and then, why not pay a fixed amount and enjoy a surprise every month?

A BDJ Box surprise can either be a pro or a con. A box “contains 5-6 fantastic beauty products from premium brands handpicked for you!” You can subscribe for a month (PhP 480), three months (PhP 1400), six months, or an entire year. I subscribed for three months in January, but was not included in the January box list because they ran out.

Hence my first box is the “red hot” February box:


I even got a freebie! With a handwritten note. Thank you!

Flip side.






Inside are: Shiseido’s White Lucent Serum (5 ml sample; full size 30 ml, PhP 5650), Brightening Mask (1 sheet sample; six sheets, PhP 3200), WrinkleResist24 Night Emulsion (15 ml sample; 150 ml, PhP 2400), Balancing Softener (25 ml sample; 75 ml, PhP 3250), and Perfect Rouge Lipstick (a mini-lipstick sample haha; PhP 1250; I tried this and it looks pink on my lips); 15% discount vouchers for Shiseido Products, and a Nippon 5-minute Touch-Up Kit that is perfect for traveling.

Me with the lipstick on. (And some HHN blush.)


Plus my free Celeteque cleansing oil (PhP 599, according to this; that’s worth more than the entire box haha).


I stuck the stickers on the fridge door:


I’ve tried all of the Shiseido products (save for the mask) and I am amazed by how quickly they softened my skin. I love touching my cheeks! Haha. It’s a great first box from BDJ. :) But I would love to get make-up next time.

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6 thoughts on “my bdj box: february”

  1. I was thinking about getting BDJ but the past months seemed to have baduy content, so I picked Glamourbox. It really is a hit and miss. The January Glamourbox was so corny I got eye strain from rolling my eyes too much, but the February one was nice. Tapos this BDJ February box is cool! Ano ba yan. It’s nice to get a surprise, though, like getting gifts (that you paid for, but still) every month hehe.

  2. I’ve been thinking about getting one box just so I could try but haven’t decided yet. I still can’t justify my doing so. Maybe, I’ll give it a few months more. ;)

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