george’s 7th

I took some pictures with my phone but alas it just died on me.

These pictures were taken by J’s sister and George’s mom, VJ. The party was held at the North East Greenhills Clubhouse, headed by the deliciously named NEGA (North East Greenhills Association):

It’s weird/funny to see the letters around the neighborhood, like they’re taunting you. (NEGA! NEGA!)

It was a great party. Desserts!

These were delicious. (Understatement of the century.)


With the birthday celebrant.

With the other boy. Hehe. :)

4 thoughts on “george’s 7th”

  1. can you help me with the sponsorship there at northeast greenhills? Gusto ko sana dyan i held 1st birthday party ng bebe ko thanks!

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