month number 29 + a baby shower

Waited for J to finish his one class in UP. While waiting, I watched Awake and Red Dwarf on my Galaxy Tab, and tried in vain to look like I understood the Math long exams on the professors’ windows. Also used the faculty-members-only washroom on the second floor. How liberating.

Off to Trinoma for monthsary lunch. There was a crack on the wall so of course this picture had to be taken.

Fish & Co. First time to dine here! Had a raspberry drink and Grilled Seasonal Fish (Cream Dory) in Cajun sauce.

Cupcake froyo with mixed berries and almonds from Golden Spoon.

The baby shower was for J’s sister, who will be giving birth to a baby boy in April.

There were games! We won in Pinoy Henyo (of baby-related terms) and won two boxes of this:

We traveled South for the second leg of the baby shower, but oh my god, THE TRAFFIC WAS HORRIBLE. Horrible! We spent 4 1/2 hours on the road, more than enough time to take me back home to Bulacan. And we were just traveling from QC to Paranaque, a trip that should have taken just two hours at most!

Anyway. Still a happy day.

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