it’s here!

it's a robot!

Well, at least by the end of February. :D Kudos to the Alfars. :)

Book launch at the U-View Theater in High Street. I’ve never been there because I’m an introvert.

No, really.

Click on the robot for the details.


7 thoughts on “it’s here!

  1. ‘te di ko gets ang konek ng pagiging introvert. Nasa Fully Booked yan, baklang to.

    Tsaka isa pa hindi ka introvert, wag kang mag-ilusyon.


    • kuya eto yung 4th ilalabas pa lang siya sa Feb. :) baka you mean yung 3rd? may nakikita ako sa FullyBooked sa SM North.

      at HOY, anong introvert? magtigil ka ahahahahah :D

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