new –

1. hair


The last time I had my hair treated was for the Univ grad. I’ve been trying to shrink away from “unnecessary” expenses, but to quote Erika: “Love yourself.” So there.

I’ve always had problems with my hair. To quote Glads, or probably that old milk commercial: “It’s the genes.”

2. thumbtacks


What? There’s an empty, sad corkboard in my room and I found some cute thumbtacks in a bookstore and I was bored one morning and the thumbtacks look like candy I love it.


3. kittens


We had a cat before who ran away. Apparently she now thinks our house is a feline orphanage.

Not complaining. :)



4. TV obsession

Do you guys watch this show? I’ve finished the first season and I loved it. If you liked Dogma (actually the series is produced by Kevin Smith; he also directed the pilot) you’ll enjoy this one.

It concerns Sam who found out on his 21st birthday that his parents had a deal with the Devil: he’ll heal Sam’s dad, and they’ll give him Sam the day he turns 21. Now Sam is under the Devil’s employ as bounty hunter.

They say Season 2 will start March – hope I’ll be able to watch it.

the devil (ray wise) and sam (bret harrison)
the devil (ray wise) and sam (bret harrison)

[on why he hates Halloween]

Devil (to Sam): It’s the commercialization of evil!


[on Hell]

Devil (to Sam): You know who works for me at the Central Office? White-collar criminals. It’s horrible. They hate me, they hate their jobs. I can’t even ask for a cup of coffee.


[Sam finds out that their gay couple neighbor are demons. The gay demon couple doesn’t know that he knows. Sam avoids them. The couple confronts him.]

Demon1: It’s because we’re gay, isn’t it.

Sam: What? No. No. [struggles] You’re demons.

Demon1: [seethes] Oh. Oh. Well, the homophobia I’ll be able to understand, but “fallen angels cursed to walk the earth for all of eternity” – that you can’t accept? That’s racist, Sam. I mean, you’re a Reaper.

Sam: How –

Demon1: Gladdys [another demon] plays racquetball with me, she told me.

Sam: Have you guys…ever eaten anyone?


Demon2: That’s offensive.

Demon1: You don’t have to listen to this.

Demon2: That’s offensive.


Ah, wit. Bless them. :)

(Transcripts from memory. Reaper photo from Star-eCentral )

10 thoughts on “new –”

  1. I do. It’s heavily flawed, but the good things more than make up for it. I’m hoping that it eventually really finds its groove and gets much much better (there is a lot of potential for it to do so). The performances are super strong even if the stories and small details kind of fall apart sometimes. The pilot was good – sana lahat ng episodes ganun ka tight. I’m not a big Kevin Smith fan, but he had the right stuff for it. Ray Wise is fantastic. How far have you gotten into the series? Have you seen Ken Marino yet? Mahal na mahal ko sya.

  2. syempre i was so blinded by ray wise/bret harrison/tyler labine that i didn’t care much for the flaws. i just really enjoyed the banter and the silliness. :D i’ve finished the first season! ken marino’s tony, right? he iz laaab

  3. KITTENS!!! i swear ano yan photoshop? exact replicas! eeep. anywho, sayang talaga di ako pwede magka-pet dito. time to find a real house with a lawn, or samting.

    at sabog lang yung “That’s offensive.” HAHAHAHAH.

  4. @kate te di ako sanay magphotoshop so totoo yan, hehe, magkapatid sila. yung pangalan nila nagbabago, depende sa araw/mood/height ng baha sa labas ng bahay. Ming-ming/Muning/Kuting/Bubbles/Miaow. tamad kami magpangalan.

    masaya yung Reaper, swear ahahahahh XD

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