the year after


This book was published late 2005; I was able to read it only this year. People always talk about brutal honesty – this book is brutal, searing, frightening, almost painful to read. In one article I read, Sylvia Plath’s daughter, Frieda, said she’s ashamed of her “very, very strong” need for a mother, evident in her poetry. It does open a weakness, Frieda said. In The Year of Magical Thinking, Didion does not only admit to this “weakness” (her very, very strong need for her husband, her daughter, normalcy) – she dissects it, connects it to existing literature, questions it, rejects it, accepts it.

Read an excerpt here.

4 thoughts on “the year after”

  1. I have this book! I started reading it pero I realized it was still too much to handle at that time (early January, after pop left us). Ay pero mas naluka ako na nung nasa publishing stage na pala ‘to eh na-deads si Quintana Roo. I feel for Didion.

  2. aw. sana ngayon kaya mo na siya basahin. :) it’s really good. pero true, bakla, ambigat nga.

    at ‘yan pa! kaya lalong di ko kinaya! pati daughter niya pumanaw na rin. ang sakit for her.

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