mini-reviews, 3

Here’s the first, here’s the second.

Monsters vs. Aliens


Come on, all of my favorite people are here.

They were even able to squeeze Amy Poehler in there! I knew I should have paid more attention to the Computer character. And I was not able to guess that that was Rainn Wilson at all.

I was so excited when this film’s trailer came out – and I didn’t even know then who the voice talents were.

Well. I should have known: if you found a film’s trailer hilarious, more often than not the film itself wouldn’t be.

Monsters vs. Aliens is still funny, it has its moments, but I found the attack on San Francisco overwrought and tedious and, surprisingly, despite the amazing animation, bland, and really, if I didn’t see the trailer before the film I would have laughed at the theater more.

But the point is the producers need your money, media consumer. Who cares if you didn’t find it entertaining enough? You’ve coughed up the hundred-plus they need. So producers, you win.

Oh, but lay off the toilet humor. Stephen Colbert can be way funnier than that.

Balls of Fury


No, I don’t know what Maggie Q is doing in this darn film but I laughed and I’m not ashamed of it.

Maybe a little bit.

House of 9


Does anyone know this film? Has anyone ever seen it? Plot is simple and the action is engaging enough. Good for a lazy afternoon viewing.

Interesting that they cast Asher D as a rapper out to get his first contract, and then used his own song in one of the scenes. How shameless, and how lovely.

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  1. ay hinde, yung ke joe hill sorry mali ako ng click hehe. thanks ulit :D pahiram ko muna sa iyo yung on writing, swap tayo? :)

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