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Oh, I love the way you think, William Hurt’s Marshall says at one point in this film. And I think it’s wonderfully twisted.

And that’s all I can say about Mr. Brooks really – wonderfully twisted. Kevin Costner is Mr. Brooks, and his interactions with the suave, gum-chewing, sometimes tender, sometimes bullying Marshall are the strongest scenes in this film. William Hurt is perfect, as always. (Have you seen A History of Violence? You should.) Dane Cook pulls it off as Mr. Smith, who discovers Mr. Brooks’s “addiction”. Demi Moore also stars here as a police detective in the midst of a divorce, but I’ve never been fond of Demi Moore.

But, seriously: the Kevin Costner – William Hurt tandem? Genius. Somebody cast these two in a dramatic film, and quick. Oscar wins, for sure.

The song played during the final scenes was also terrific:

(Mr. Brooks was released in June 2007, but it wasn’t shown here, so I just streamed it here.)

4 thoughts on “mr. brooks”

  1. oh, i remember this movie. Loved william hurt in this movie, kevin costner was okay but this was one film where dane cook was a complete douche. I really liked the storyline. it was released very quietly on DVD in australia but enough that i could go and buy a copy easily :)

  2. @unknowntheartist hey, thanks for leaving a comment! :) dane cook’s okay here, but imdb says zach braff’s the first choice, and that would have been better.

    oh, and william hurt? AWESOMENESS. ;)

  3. soz, i meant to say dane cook wasn’t a complete douche. i had watched him in good luck chuck directly before watching this and i thought even though at points he really had to reach for emotion, he was still believable in the character. i used to be weirded out by William hurt back in the day but he’s growin’ on me. thanks for replying :)

  4. @unknowntheartist haha this is the only movie i’ve seen with dane cook in it.

    i fell in love with william hurt in a history of violence. wonderful actor. :)

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