..but neither of them thought of asking, Have you got something in your eye, it never occurred to them nor would he have been able to reply, Yes, a milky sea.

(p. 6, Blindness, Saramago)

What if everyone went blind and you were the only one who could see? Jose Saramago’s engrossing prose uses no quotation marks nor paragraph breaks for the dialogues, and it fits this narrative, where the characters’ thoughts and spoken words are interchangeable with the narrator’s. It makes me think of an observer watching people interact at a distance, a watcher-turned-ventriloquist putting words into their mouths, commenting on their actions. At times the narration becomes too wordy, the humor awkward, but the language is beautiful enough to keep even an exasperated reader reading. The last paragraph is a thing of beauty.

* * *

While browsing through the books in Bibliarch the other day, I saw a book called Seeing, also by Saramago. It involves a bunch of voters’ ballots turning up blank. A novel about disillusionment, I believe. Seems interesting. I might pick it up.


Right now, though, I’m enjoying reading Atwood.


*Sigh* This lady never fades. :)

6 thoughts on “blindness”

  1. Na-horrify ako na nagalingan dito sa Blindness. Am enjoying Joe Hill’s book, thanks! :) Yun namang Then we came to the end, ang astig lang e. From someone na nag-work sa ad agency at hinde kinaya, ang realistic nung dialogue, nung events, nung ending. I loved it. :) Meron akong nakitang books sa bahay na nabasa ko na at baka gusto mong hiramin, pero not sure kung type mo yung mga ganto: The Little White Horse, Little altars everywhere, lesbian lit, etc. Kung interested ka, let me know. :)

  2. @andrea hello! nakakaparanoid yung blindness no? :( at oo, masaya yang Joe Hill.

    EEEEHHHH, YOU’VE READ FERRIS! i soooo love the book, definitely. :D

    as for the books that you can lend me GO LANG KAHIT ANO haha. okay ako na maging tambakan. salamat!

  3. Tapos ko na yung Heart-shaped box, I LOVE ET I LOVE ET I LOVE ETTTTTTTT!!!!!

    (okay fangirling over)
    sorry Mr. King pero mas romantic yung anak mo e. hehe. :)

    ‘Lam mo, pagkatapos ko mabasa si Ferris naisip ko lang: Buti na lang me trabaho ako, Lord.

    Tatambakan kita ng libro ha. Me mga okay ka pa bang mga libro dyan na nabasa mo na? Tambakan mo din ako! :)
    (That sounds…wrong)

  4. tambakan naaaaaaaaa! *dance*

    nasa bulacan yung karamihan e :( binabasa ko pa yung iba pero go, ipasa ko sa’yo pag tapos na.

    tag-hirap ako e, puro lang ako hiram hahahaha

  5. hehe adik kase ako sa booksale e. sige, padala ko na lang ke kate. YAHOOS :)

    p.s. takte nakakita ako ng his dark materials trilogy sa booksale pagpunta ko. naiiyak ako sa frustration. dapat nagtimpi ako e DAPAT! ohwells.

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