just wondering

I wonder if certain local politicians talk about what’s going on in Iran to their friends, their families, and say, That’s horrible. If certain powerful people read this and go, How awful.

Or do they read this –

Candidates naturally have more support in some provinces than in others, like their hometown for example. It’s impossible that a candidate could win by a same margin in every single province as Ahmadinejad, allegedly, has.

– and go, IDIOTS! If you’re going to cheat, make it believable!

But then I remember this

COTABATO CITY — Defying dominant voting patterns in many parts of the country, administration loyalists are delivering the vaunted 12-0 sweep in Maguindanao province for Team Unity (TU) candidates — with Gov. Luis “Chavit” Singson as the topnotcher, based on early returns.

and go, Well.

Just wondering.

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