living beyond your means, and other things


Photo from Emelegifts

Well, thank goodness it’s just free stickers and not something urgent.

I heard about the free Moopf stickers promo from Kate a year ago, 2008. So I sent an email to the people at Moopf, and got no reply. The promo promised I’d get the stickers the week after I sent them my address. Oh well.

Apparently my free stickers have been hurting inside a box at the office lobby since June 2008, unseen and unclaimed. If my boss didn’t go rooting for her lost phone bills there these stickers wouldn’t have been found.

Hmp. Maybe it’d be better if we had a mailbox right outside the department. Like the one  in Up! We’ll put our handprints on it! Then I’ll have the intern decorate it with sequins or something! Ha-ha. Hay.

* * *

So my fugly handy-dandy notebook had ran out of pages, and I finally cracked open the handmade notebook Tata had given to me as a gift the last time we met for dinner and chika. I’m in love with this notebook, it has the loveliest cover print and the brown pages are very sturdy. On one page I’ve written: story ideas – poetry fragments – here traipse the muses. A spell of sorts. ;) I’ve already written my first draft of a poem, hee. Writing longhand still has its charms. It works particularly well with poetry, the writing of which requires you to slow down.

I’m planning of buying another handmade notebook after I’ve filled this one. Look at this beauty.


Photo from  Folksy

* * *

This morning while waiting for the water to boil, I calculated the money I’ve spent so far and yikes for July-August I’ve spent an amount bigger than my salary. Oopsie. But then I’ve bought dresses/tops from the mall to wear to…certain…events. I’m thinking hey let’s consider these as gifts to yourself.

But, books. I’ve bought way too many books. I may have also spent too much moolah on FOOD. And the CINEMA.

Shame, shame. Never again.

* * *

Hopefully, Eula, I’ll have money left to buy stuff at the Manila Book Fair in mid-September. Otherwise, I’ll just watch you fill your bags with envy, sigh.

* * *

I’m looking forward to the Friday Free Press event, EK. :) Dean Alfar will also be there, nice.

* * *

Before I end this post, some words of wisdom from the Twitter page of the lovely – and very sensible – Lauren Bacall:

@Lauren Bacall – Yes I saw Twilight my granddaughter made me watch it, she said it was the greatest vampire film ever.After the “film” was over I wanted to smack her accros her head with my shoe, but I do not want a book called Grannie Dearest written on me when I die, so instead I gave her a DVD of Murnau’s 1922 masterpiece Nosferatu and told her, now thats a vampire film! and that goes for all of you! watch Nosferatu instead!

Aye, milady. :D

2 thoughts on “living beyond your means, and other things”

  1. Yay for notebook! For a writer, a handy-dandy notebook is like underwear – a necessity, must attend to daily and must not leave home without wearing one (although genius ones can opt not to bring one, but that’s tantamount to kinkiness and exhibitionism. XD).

    Ako rin may notebook, kaso di kasing-bakla ng iyo haha. Nakasulat mga stray thoughts, transient imagery and metaphors, atsaka konting interesanteng journal entries. xD

    Pero lamang ka. Nakapagpalaki ka na ng anak na tula at short stories, sa akin, sangkatutak na draft stories, ginagawa pa lang wah (ang morbid ng imagery, sorry XD). Ayun lang XDD

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