mini-reviews, 6

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I hate the people at Pixar because they’re sickening geniuses. They can make anything work, anything at all. An old man who flies off with his entire house? Using balloons? Done, they say, and guess what? We’ll make you cry, too. Damn them. Amazing how they are able to hide the real story of this animated masterpiece and still be able to show an effective film trailer. The opening montage, sans dialogue, is very poetic, a beauty. Even Partly Cloudy, the short film that precedes it, is a treat!

I hate the people at Pixar, oh I really do. I abhor them.

Bedtime Stories – I knew that was Lucy Lawless! I knew it! I love you, Xena!

Nice, warm, family film. I love it, except for the overload of cheesiness in the end. Eh, it’s a Disney film, what did I expect right.

I Love You, Man – Jason Segel nails it as the sunshiny Sydney. Awkwardness on top of awkwardness on top of awkwardness. The “You’re a whore, Peter” confrontation scene made me laugh. Fun.

Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka – Funny enough adult animated Japanese series, but feels to me as if it simply ran out of time. On to Skip Beat!, then, which seems more promising.

* * *

A Really Random Life Share – Last night I was in Greenbelt with a female friend. We were sitting near the glass wall inside Starbucks. Outside was a foreigner, a male Caucasian. While my friend and I were talking, this guy knocked on the glass, pointed at the two of us, and gave us a thumb’s-up. He did it twice, maybe just in case we didn’t see him the first time. What the fuck.

(Unless he’s a proud gay man who was just showing his approval of what he thought was a loving, lesbian relationship. Then I suppose the interruption was cool.)

(Nah, I didn’t think so, too.)

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