gig book, or i try messing with children’s lit

It’s true, I’ve never before tried writing a story for children. Well, because.  But I read them, I enjoy them. I’ve heard about the Gig Book contest from an online friend (she posted a link), but I ignored it. Because I don’t and can’t write a story for children. Because. Then Gig Book announced an extension, then I had an idea, then I actually enjoyed working on this idea in my head, and I thought, Might as well write this and find out what happens. I wrote it in one night, edited it the next day, and emailed it that afternoon.

Last night, in ze email:

PRESS RELEASE: 2009 September 7


Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation, Inc. (GASFI) is happy to announce that ten stories won the Gig Book Storywriting Contest. [redacted] Arranged alphabetically by title, the winning stories are:

A Boat, A Banana, And A Smile by Hernani Pizarro Geronimo
A Tale of Tong-its by Sylvia L. Mayuga
Jeremy’s Magic Well by Eliza Victoria
Judith And The King Of The Sea by Andrea de la Cruz
Lost at Sea by Raechelle Castellon
Quintin And His Violin by Joaquin Carlos U. de Jesus
See, I’m Holding Daddy’s Hand by Edilberto B. Sulat Jr.
The First Day by Cherrie Anne Remoroza
The Perfect Present by Kathleen Aton-Osias
Why Uncle Martin Can’t Fix My Bike by Czarina Vijulet Jusi

I know two people on this list: Kate “Kathleen sa tunay na buhay” Aton-Osias (who won a Palanca this year), and Andrea de la Cruz. Congrats to us, ladies!

If all goes well, these books will be published by August 2010 as “full-color, fully-illustrated” children’s books. Sounds awesooooooooome.

3 thoughts on “gig book, or i try messing with children’s lit”

  1. ikaw naman, wag mo nang ipagkalat ang Kathleen – pwede naman i-edit… hahaha! Congratulations again! Nakakatakot naman ang this Saturday…

    1. well, they replied, sabi just text them anytime daw, till Sept. 14. i might make it Saturday, pero morning. :D

      kailangan malaman ng ibang tao ang Kathleen na yan! hahaha

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