‘jeremy’s magic well’ in the 2012 national children’s book awards

I just found out today that “Jeremy’s Magic Well”, along with other titles published by the Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation Inc., has been nominated in the 2012 National Children’s Book Awards. Here is the complete list of nominees [PDF].


Congrats to everyone! And my thanks to the publisher for sending in my book as an entry.

The awarding ceremony is on July 28 at the Mind Museum in Taguig.

2nd gig book storywriting contest now open for entries

Got this in the mail. Feel free to re-post. :)

P.S. A story of mine won in 2009 and got turned into a book last year. Huzzah.


The 2nd Gig Book Storywriting Contest is now accepting entries.

Deadline: July 31, 2011

Official Contest Rules (also available at http://gigbookcontest.blogspot.com)

1. The 2nd Gig Book Storywriting Contest hereinafter referred to as the “Contest” is organized and sponsored by Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation Inc. hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer” with business address at Suite 600 The Gregorian, 2178 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila, Philippines.

2. The Contest starts on March 1, 2011 and is open to anyone age 18 years or older, except the officers and employees of the Organizer and their relatives up to the third degree of consanguinity.

3. Entries must be stories written in English and intended for children age 6 to 12 years. The word count must be 750 words or less, and the plot and sequence must be capable of sustaining a 20- to 32-page illustrated book. The theme must be something that seafarer families, especially children, can identify with. The story must, in the judges’ opinion, resonate well with children whose fathers are mostly away at sea, and preferably promote positive human values (e.g. love, respect, honesty, compassion, care, humility, responsibility, understanding, strength, courage, resilience, etc.). Bonus points and a greater chance of winning will be given to positive, sensitive, and creatively child-appropriate stories that deal with difficult seafarer family issues like relatives, in-laws, neighbors, troubled teens, money management, parental infidelity, sibling rivalry, resentment, anger, alienation, abandonment, illness, and others.

4. By entering the Contest, contestants warrant that their entry: (a) is their original creation; (b) has not been previously published; (c) has not been entered in another contest where it won First, Second, or Third prize.

5. All entries must be submitted by email to gigbookcontest@gmail.com. The subject heading must be the word “Entry” followed by a space, dash, another space and the title of the story. (Example: Entry – My Dad is a Sailor and I am a Mermaid) Furthermore: (a) The main message of the email must contain the following items only: the title of the story, and the contestant’s complete name, age, mailing address, cellphone number, and landline. (b) The entry itself must be sent as a Microsoft Word attachment. It must be set in 12 points Times Roman normal (no bold, no italics, no underlining), double-spaced, with no author name or accompanying or inserted artwork or graphics or identifying marks whatsoever, on letter-size paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches) with a 1-inch margin all around. Entries that do not conform to these specifications may be accepted by the Organizer at its discretion and reformatted accordingly, or rejected outright. (c) By submitting an entry via this method, the contestants agree that the primary mode of communication between them and the Organizer will be via the email address that they used to submit their entry. The Organizer may, at its discretion, disqualify any contestant who fails to respond within ten calendar days to the Organizer’s attempts to contact him or her via email, snail mail, phone call, and/or text message. (d) Contestants may submit more than one entry.

6. The contest deadline is July 31, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. Manila time. Entries received after the deadline will be ignored.

7. A Board of Judges consisting of three or five individuals will choose up to ten winning stories. The judges will be selected by an Executive Editor/Book Designer who will also serve as Chairman of the Board of Judges. The decision of the judges is final.

8. The authors of the winning stories will receive a cash prize of P20,000.00 each, a Winner’s Certificate, and the opportunity to have their winning story published as a full-color, fully illustrated storybook.

9. Barring any unforeseen circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control, the winners will be announced on or before September 30, 2011. On the day of the announcement, individual winners will also be notified by email.

10. The Organizer reserves the right to declare that there are no winners if the judges decide that no entries were deemed acceptable. In this case, the Organizer will have no right whatsoever over all the entries received, and no entry will be published by the Organizer in any venue or format without the prior written consent of the author.

11. By entering the Contest, the contestants individually and independently agree that the Organizer will be the exclusive publisher of their winning story, if the Organizer decides to publish it. In this case, it is understood that: (a) the winning authors automatically grant and transfer to the Organizer all intellectual property rights to their winning story, including the right to publish it in whatever venue or format the Organizer deems fit, as well as the right to translate, adapt, and/or make modifications to the winning story as the Organizer deems fit; (b) aside from the cash prize received from winning the Contest, the winners are not entitled to any other additional payments, royalties, or fees whatsoever resulting from the Organizer’s publication of their winning story in whole or in part, in whatever venue or format; (c) the Organizer shall have full and exclusive editorial and artistic control over the publication of the winning entries, resulting books, and other derivative works.

12. Barring any unforeseen circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control, the printed books will be launched or made available for distribution on November 30, 2012 or no later than November 30, 2014. Otherwise, the Organizer forfeits its right to publish the winning stories and the winners are free to submit their winning stories to other publishers.

a book review, and then some

In the second installment of A Song of Ice and Fire, King Robert Baratheon is dead, and four kings insist their claim to the Iron throne: the boy Joffrey, Robert’s eldest son but is believed to be the fruit of his mother’s incestual relationship with his uncle Jaime, the Kingslayer; the boy Robb, Ned Stark’s eldest son and self-proclaimed King of the North; and Robert’s brothers, Renly Baratheon, who commands several Houses who have sworn their allegiance; and Stannis Baratheon, Robert’s brother, who has dismissed the old gods for the more powerful (but suspicious) Lord of Light. Meanwhile, Sansa Stark is still held hostage by the Lannisters, Jaime Lannister is held hostage by the Starks, Arya serves at the Lannister-controlled Harrenhal but keeps her identity secret, and Daenerys of House Targaryen tries to find a way to land an army on Westeros and unleash her dragon-children. In the sky, a blood-red comet passes, spelling both doom and victory, depending on who is looking.

With such a complex plot and so many characters, a less skilled writer would have ended up confusing readers, and maybe even confusing himself, but Martin’s storytelling is strong and sure. And such twists! And such suspense! Martin is testament to the fact that you can produce a novel that is fast-paced and action-packed, but still let the language shine through. A really good read.

(The third book is A Storm of Swords and is already waiting for me over at Jaykie’s, but I’ll take a break from Martin for a bit to read The River King by Alice Hoffman, which was lent to me by Kat. :) )

* * *

Speaking of Martin, I’ve been seeing this card deck at Jaykie’s

and I’ve been asking him to teach me how to play for days, so on Friday we finally sat down for a round:

I controlled House Lannister:

I lost! LOL. But I found this card game easier to understand than Magic. The art is awesome.

* * *

Speaking of awesome art, after I came back from the weekend I found this sitting on my bed:

Inside the packet are complimentary copies and a letter from GASFI. Thank you so much! :D

I don’t know if the book has already hit the book stores, but if you ever come across a copy, flip through the pages for a preview and maybe buy one for the kiddies? :) The book is published on glossy paper and the art is lively and bright. I really love Ray Sunga’s artwork here. My first children’s book! *squee*

* * *

And speaking of stories, thanks to Don Jaucian for including “The Just World of Helena Jimenez” in his list of spec fic best-reads in 2009. You may read that story here.

* * *

A lovely sound: Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Halfway through this year and I’m lovin’ it.

Mareklamo nga lang ang ating bise-presidente. Hay, kuya. Ang buong Pilipinas AY HINDI MAKATI.

Nakaka-turn off ka. ‘Yun lang.


wherein we talk about whatever



Journalists! A perverse government! Investigation! Data-gathering! Bowel disruptors!

Excellent series. Special thanks to Jaykie for lending me copies.

Orayt. Planetary naman. ;)

Collage Me This

Tearing things up = therapy = FUN.

No, really. Try it. Did me wonders.

(So yeah, picture resolutions are shitty. Let me go find a digicam, then maybe I can upload these again.)






Gig Book Contest Awards er Brunch

I almost said “awards night”. But these are writers for children, so let’s be clean and nice and alcohol-free.

Awarding was on Oct. 10, at 10 a.m. There were ten winners. See what they did there? :p

Didn’t have cam. Will ask Andrea and Kate for the pictures later. (Thank you pala to Andrea’s parents for letting me hitch. If I had gone there alone, I would have gotten lost. For sure.)

EDIT: Pictures!

Thank you Jake and Katt for coming. So nice to see you guys again. Ke gaganda niyo!


gig book, or i try messing with children’s lit

It’s true, I’ve never before tried writing a story for children. Well, because.  But I read them, I enjoy them. I’ve heard about the Gig Book contest from an online friend (she posted a link), but I ignored it. Because I don’t and can’t write a story for children. Because. Then Gig Book announced an extension, then I had an idea, then I actually enjoyed working on this idea in my head, and I thought, Might as well write this and find out what happens. I wrote it in one night, edited it the next day, and emailed it that afternoon.

Last night, in ze email:

PRESS RELEASE: 2009 September 7


Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation, Inc. (GASFI) is happy to announce that ten stories won the Gig Book Storywriting Contest. [redacted] Arranged alphabetically by title, the winning stories are:

A Boat, A Banana, And A Smile by Hernani Pizarro Geronimo
A Tale of Tong-its by Sylvia L. Mayuga
Jeremy’s Magic Well by Eliza Victoria
Judith And The King Of The Sea by Andrea de la Cruz
Lost at Sea by Raechelle Castellon
Quintin And His Violin by Joaquin Carlos U. de Jesus
See, I’m Holding Daddy’s Hand by Edilberto B. Sulat Jr.
The First Day by Cherrie Anne Remoroza
The Perfect Present by Kathleen Aton-Osias
Why Uncle Martin Can’t Fix My Bike by Czarina Vijulet Jusi

I know two people on this list: Kate “Kathleen sa tunay na buhay” Aton-Osias (who won a Palanca this year), and Andrea de la Cruz. Congrats to us, ladies!

If all goes well, these books will be published by August 2010 as “full-color, fully-illustrated” children’s books. Sounds awesooooooooome.