on books and collages

The first six are over here.



Fell in love with the details of the room in this picture, so I just decided not to tear it up.

So pretty. ♥

These should be up on my wall in no time.

* * *

Here be a pile of books I’ve read or cannot read anymore (hello, Eden Express, hello Sleepers).

Here be my TBR pile.

Done with Ender’s Game, now reading The Likeness and Landscapes.

Check out my cool bookmark (a gift from Almi, yay!):

* * *

And on the writing front –

Copy-pasted all of my poems in a single file; will now open said file when I no longer feel like throwing up at the sight of it.

Bizaare. Last night I actually dreamt a workable opening scene for this short story that’s been bugging me for months. I’ll go back to fiction writing soon, soon.


wherein we talk about whatever



Journalists! A perverse government! Investigation! Data-gathering! Bowel disruptors!

Excellent series. Special thanks to Jaykie for lending me copies.

Orayt. Planetary naman. ;)

Collage Me This

Tearing things up = therapy = FUN.

No, really. Try it. Did me wonders.

(So yeah, picture resolutions are shitty. Let me go find a digicam, then maybe I can upload these again.)






Gig Book Contest Awards er Brunch

I almost said “awards night”. But these are writers for children, so let’s be clean and nice and alcohol-free.

Awarding was on Oct. 10, at 10 a.m. There were ten winners. See what they did there? :p

Didn’t have cam. Will ask Andrea and Kate for the pictures later. (Thank you pala to Andrea’s parents for letting me hitch. If I had gone there alone, I would have gotten lost. For sure.)

EDIT: Pictures!

Thank you Jake and Katt for coming. So nice to see you guys again. Ke gaganda niyo!