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Journalists! A perverse government! Investigation! Data-gathering! Bowel disruptors!

Excellent series. Special thanks to Jaykie for lending me copies.

Orayt. Planetary naman. ;)

Collage Me This

Tearing things up = therapy = FUN.

No, really. Try it. Did me wonders.

(So yeah, picture resolutions are shitty. Let me go find a digicam, then maybe I can upload these again.)






Gig Book Contest Awards er Brunch

I almost said “awards night”. But these are writers for children, so let’s be clean and nice and alcohol-free.

Awarding was on Oct. 10, at 10 a.m. There were ten winners. See what they did there? :p

Didn’t have cam. Will ask Andrea and Kate for the pictures later. (Thank you pala to Andrea’s parents for letting me hitch. If I had gone there alone, I would have gotten lost. For sure.)

EDIT: Pictures!

Thank you Jake and Katt for coming. So nice to see you guys again. Ke gaganda niyo!


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