one-word reviews

With additional thoughts in parentheses.


The Ruins – Ew. (I read and absolutely loved Scott Smith’s first novel, and so I was intrigued when I heard that his second novel, The Ruins, has been turned into a film. Story’s pretty much straightforward. To be fair to it, it does have a pretty freaky premise.)

Lars and the Real Girl – Aw. (Yes, took me quite a while to finally see this film. Roger Ebert, in his review, described Ryan Gosling’s Lars as “serene”. Yes, that’s the word for it. Serene. Despite the fact that he brings an anatomically correct sex doll everywhere he goes in this small, cold town. Watch this one.)

Chuck (first few episodes) – Hee. (“So you’re saying I should just stay in this car, and not do anything?” “That’s right.” “Let’s do this.” Me: *rofl*)

* * *

Coffee and dinner with Jaykie’s friends JME and BJ at CBTL/Pepper Steak.

jme and bj

Their names make them sound like robots or hardware, but they’re people, and really nice, interesting ones at that. Glad to meet you guys. : )

(JME showed me a series of pictures of Jaykie and BJ cooking nilagang giniling, but in the photos the guys looked like they were in a meth lab. Cooking nilagang giniling.)

Earlier Jaykie handed me a copy of Ender’s Game, which of course made me squeal like a crazy fangirl. I read Ender’s Shadow first – a dick nerd move – and I’ve been looking everywhere for a copy of Game. And here it is howeeeeeee.


But of course I can’t read that yet, for I have been condemned (CONDEMNED!) to read this first:


It’s an 800+-page monster. Good luck to me.

* * *

“Now, for your Moment of – “


Sorry, not that one.

“Now, for your Moment of Zen.”


They could have just said “Open 24 Hours”, but hey, specifity is king.

2 thoughts on “one-word reviews”

  1. maganda ang Chuck, te! lalo na si Sarah Walker. haha.

    seriously, maraming tawa moments, barilan at sabugan, at higit sa lahat, kilig moments, char! haha.

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