the lantern parade, and other shenanigans

Yes I was able to attend SUCK IIIIITTTT.

But we got bored and left our spot in front of PHAN halfway through the parade, so we missed the really nifty floats. Boo, us.

But oh look Plants vs. Zombies!

The College of Law wants you to know something about the Ampatuan massacre:

A tarp from Mass Comm *nostalgia for ze college* :

* * *

The HGC (Jaykie and Wabe’s Juabe’s org – can’t remember what the letters stand for, sorry! Hobby Gamers’ Circle) Christmas party was fun. I helped out in my own teeny-tiny way by chopping up Mark’s strawberries. And yes, I mean exactly what I just said.

Toward midnight everybody started singing songs from Dr. Horrible and Avenue Q. IZWIN. :D

Photobomber of the Week (LOL):

Jme took this picture with her pretty pretty pink camera (to match her pretty pretty pink shoes /end kikay). Thanks Jme!

Yihee. Chenes.

* * *

Random share: While waiting for his other orgmates to arrive, Jaykie played Magic with Jeff, while at the other end of the table I played –

– Lady Gaga.

Such is life.

More photos!

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