hello 2010

But first, this year’s (personal) highlights. :D (Events that happened in the same month may be listed here in un-chronological order, because I’m lazy and I get confused. LOL.)


Cebu – Bohol – Cebu trip with high school friends


Laiya, Batangas with high school friends

Philippine Speculative Fiction IV launch

I meet the lovely Lizzy via Rissa and I experience the joys of Cubao ukay (yay, dresses! ♥)


I move to Makati


Read Then We Came to the End, I mean OMG

I move to actual unit in Makati


First publication in an international market (notification)

Publication in Philippines Graphic (notification)


I almost win a free book



Publication in Elimae (notification)

A mention in Locus Magazine

I try to apply as Lit teacher; school sort of fucks me over. Meh.

Discovered Big Bang Theory yay! Special thanks to Princess, hehe.

Publication in The Farthest Shore (notification)

Publication in The Houston Literary Review (notification)

I buy me a netbook!


Cory Aquino, 76

A letter from the Palanca Foundation arrives and *brainsplode*

I am made to wear glasses; Philippines Free Press Awards

Publication in Cantaraville (notification)


The Palanca Awarding Ceremony

I win in a children’s lit contest whyyy lol

Gig Book photoshoot, met with friend Ace

Manila International Book Fair




The Transmetropolitan mindfuck

Cyma dinner with high school friends

First Research Night, christening of friend Joan’s son, Johan



I turn 23

First month, and cheesiness (CHOS)

Second publication in Expanded Horizons

Publication in PSF V (notification)


I win in the Pinoy Story Writing Contest (Horror/Crime & Suspense Category)


I get to attend the Lantern Parade

Ruin and Resolve charity antho

* * *

Not included in this list are the other books and films I’ve devoured. And maybe other stuff – I’m not really sure.

But what a year, eh. What a year.

* * *

So pa’no? 2010 naman? Orayt.

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